The Conversation Club

September 18, 2000

Dear Ms. Stanley,

    In the fall of 1985 while volunteering in my son's elementary school library I came across your charming book The Conversation Club. At approximately the same time several friends and I decided to form a twice-monthly evening get together - presumably to work on crafts or hobbies. After our first meeting it became quite apparent that crafts were not to be the focus, but rather conversation. We also decided we ought to name our little group. Several suggestions were made. I immediately thought of your delightful book!

    I brought the book to our next meeting and read it aloud to the group. Upon taking a "vote" we became The Conversation Club. This October we mark our 15th anniversary. Your book has been quite an inspiration to us. We remain seven in number, the original bunch, even though three or four new members have come and gone. For the past ten years or so we have not "recruited" new members, preferring to remain exclusive!

    We still meet every two weeks on Thursday evenings at eight o'clock unless conflicts in schedule force a postponement. The hostess serves a dessert and coffee or tea. The evening always promises plenty of laughter as we discuss any and all topics of conversation! An interesting thing to note is that outside of these evenings we really don't talk or get together - maybe that's why we have lasted so long!

    To mark our 15th anniversary I was able to get a hold of enough soft cover copies of your book to give one to each member. These books I will present as a surprise gift at our 15th anniversary outing. I know the ladies will be thrilled.

    I am writing to invite you to join us for dinner as our guest to celebrate this milestone. It would be an honor and ever so much fun if you could come.

    I would love having the pleasure of a reply from you - we wouldn't have lasted this long without the inspiration from your little book. Thank you for writing it!

Looking forward to hearing from you.