Saturday, January 12, 2019

S’now laughing matter

Bill asked where were his boots.
I told him we donated them when we downsized his shoe collection.
He was not happy and asked how was he supposed to go out when it’s snowing.
I told him he doesn’t need to go out when it’s snowing.
He said that he couldn’t stay in the house forever.
We have had about six inches and it is still snowing.  Is it spring yet?

Today I reduced my belt collection. Saved about 1/3. Haven’t worn a belt in years but maybe I will start.

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Thursday, January 03, 2019

2019 is Here!

What changes in Calvin since we saw him 3 weeks ago! He has a walker and is moving around like a pro! We actually had to child proof! ...move things on the end tables - and put toys there to encourage him to go from one place to another. In the stander, he moved himself backwards from our front hall all the way across the living room.  Once wasn’t good enough for me…I had him do it 3 times! He even looked over his shoulder to see me so I know he is intentionally moving.  Now, if we can only get him to go forward…(always another goal!)
We are doing another exchange Thursday the 10th. If anyone want to come over on Friday let me know.. he usually eats at 7 and 11 with a snack around 2 and naps whenever he takes them! Getting him in the walker is a 2 person job.
We will be taking him all the way back on Sunday and spending the night so we can so the electrical walk through for the house.
Time is flying!...we have scheduled our Calvin time for February and March…Rachel has an appointment for her last haircut before the baby is born…all going so fast!

Susan…saw John at church…he remarked that this may be the last time he saw me.  Oh wow! Gave us both something to think about…people we meet, history, times past…here come the tears…

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 24th.

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Friday, December 21, 2018

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Happy New Year

Oh where has the year gone? And I know the first few months of 2019 will be busy!
Our house here looks as if we are ready to move…shoe boxes hidden under beds, all the blankets put on beds…all in an effort to make the closets look empty! I’ll take a few of the boxes in the basement to Rachel’s basement so our basement is empty. Finally got Dave to sort through things and decide no or go…hasn’t skied in 15 years..certainly the skis can go?
We had a realtor come to the house and are waiting for his feedback.  Hope to list the house late March although I am spreading the word that if anyone wants to look at it now…it is ready! I am debating about stripping the wallpaper in the front hall but doing that will make me feel as if this is no longer our home. All family pictures are packed away. I have painted the master bedroom…didn’t use any tape and didn’t get any paint on the ceiling! 
I’ll see Rachel Saturday at a baby shower for a niece on Dave’s side of the family. Christmas will be quiet and relaxing here. After Christmas a little more exciting…We are exchanging Calvin on the 29th and will exchange him again New Year’s Day. Just 3 nights and 2 full days…never enough time to do everything!

Hope everyone has a happy and healthy end to the year!

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Friday, December 07, 2018


thanks for the opinions on my flooring. It is always interesting to have a vote from the group. Thanks for the lovely refreshments Carol. As always your festive village was a hit.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Thanksgiving and Chanukah

Hi All
  It was the best week I’ve had in a while. Matt, Jen and Audrey came Wednesday night. We had Thanksgiving Lunch with Mom at Hooverwood!
Then I made Manacotti for dinner while Matt, Jen and Audrey went to visit Elsie. Friday Bobby and family came to visit. We had a family dinner at Hollyhock. Matt, Bobby, Elliott and Asher went to the Pacer game after dinner. I stayed with Rachel and Lilly. Jen and Audrey went to the hotel so Audrey could stay on her schedule and go to sleep. Saturday I worked 8:30 to 1:00. I made Chanukah dinner for everyone. Then we opened presents. After that Matt and family went to the hotel. Bobby and family watched me light the Chanukah candles, Bobby, Asher and I played Dreidel.  Sunday Bobby, family and I visited both Gram and Gram with naps in between. We also played with Chanukah presents and I played Shapes with Asher on my IPad. I sure miss everyone. They all went home Sunday.

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New York City trip

Posted by Carol on 11/27 at 09:53 AM
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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

New York City

We had a fairytale week….saw five shows (Steve saw an additional one, a matinee of King Kong) and loved each one, all different.  We arrived Monday and decided to add a show that night at last minute, the theatre was immediately across the street from our hotel Crown Plaza Times Square. So it was Chicago, Hamilton, My Fair Lady, Frozen and Once on This Island….all different, and enjoyable.  Highlight was probably Hamilton….thankfully, since it was $1600 for two tix!  Ate at good restaurants and generally took it easy, since we have seen all of the typical tourist things already.  We did repeat a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  And added an afternoon at the New York Historical Society.  Thursday New York had the biggest snowstorm in 123 years!  over 6 inches of snow….  We walked to the theatre (Frozen that night - how ironic!) with umbrella’s so didn’t have any challenges.  We flew home on Saturday afternoon.  As much as I have come to love the Big Apple, I am happy to return home to quiet Sherwood Forest!  Now it’s time to think turkey….  and then Christmas!  Not yet sure when I will host CC, but I think it will be the second week of December!

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Monday, November 19, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving

Before the days get busy with food prep and family ...Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I certainly am thankful for my family, Conversation Club,and the many blessings in my life. Kevin and Jen will drive to Cincy and from there ride with Rachel, Zach and Calvin - arriving Wednesday night. Thursday we will get our morning exercise along with several thousand others doing the Drumstick Dash. Hopefully much of the food prep will be finished before Thursday so we can enjoy time with everyone Aunt Gloria will be joining us.
Friday - taking Calvin swimming in the downtown Y where the water temperature is 88 before heading to our Escape the Room activity, a late lunch at St. Joseph Brewery and home.
Saturday - everyone leaves except Calvin who asked if he could stay an extra 2 days. We will take him back on Monday and check the progress of our house…where we will celebrate Thanksgiving next year!
Looking forward to our next CC ...wondering how far Kate got on Rt 66, Carol’s trip home and to NY, Susan’s house plans, Carol Faye’s family and Barb’s happenings.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Oh this weather!

Ready for some more visitors Kate?...only wishful thinking. We did see the sun for a few hours and now back to rain rain rain.  We did get to Cincy on Monday for Calvin’s PT appointment.  I’ll take the credit…a whole hour session on the treadmill without his pacifier and not falling asleep.  On this rainy days, I wish I had his smiling face to wake up to.
Not much going on…planning the menu and activities for Thanksgiving, Dave and Zach registered for the mini, Jen is booking motel rooms for us for next October for the Ironman.
Maybe start stripping the wallpaper border and repainting our bedroom this weekend…fun times!
Hope everyone else has something a tad more exciting to report!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Back from Orlando, Getting Ready for Minnesota!

We had a great 5 day trip to Universal Studios ~ all of us stayed at a nice hotel nearby, and we went to the park each day.  Then the “Haunted Houses” at night….Universal spends over $10,000,000 on creating them, just like movie sets!  Thought October down there would be more temperate, but it was record breaking heat in the 90’s.  Now I have been getting the area of the basement ready for waterproofing - the 25 feet that are under the new deck.  No problems at all but we wanted to have this last area taken care of.  The entire perimeter of the house is now either tied into drainpipes or inside waterproof.  They will also encapsulate the 22x26 foot area that is crawlspace under the family room.

So, are we still on for CC at Carol Fay’s on Thursday night??

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Monday, October 15, 2018


I realize this is bragging but I just reduced my shoe collection from 70 pairs down to 30 pairs.  Now I have one pair for every day of the month. Months of 31 I guess I will be forced to be barefoot.

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Tuesday, October 09, 2018


Sitting in the Phoenix airport.  Have lost my sense of adventure…not jumping at the chance to take a bump. Prescott was very nice…hiking, eating, museum. Saw Kate and Bill last night and their new home. Very nice backyard…relaxing, peaceful!
Now…onto laundry, home chores, another house meeting and Calvin.

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Thursday, September 27, 2018

lovely 33rd celebration

Wow we have been together for 33 years. Lovely dinner. Thanks Maureen for arranging.

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Friday, September 14, 2018

heart cath Monday

Been having symptoms. Might get my third set of stents.

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Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Labor Day Weekend

Thank you all for your input on house selections.  You have several months to change your mind on paint color! I do think the kitchen counter top is a keeper…so much effort goes into this! But I got a break from it all since we had Calvin Thursday evening until Monday afternoon!  Not much ...who am I kidding…nothing else gets done when he is here! 
We did get a short hike in at Eagle Creek, a visit with Kate’s Mom, a short trip to Holiday Park Nature Center, and church…all about cumulative life experiences.  Since we only had him 3 full days I felt like I had to cram a lifetime of experiences in those days.

Is anyone interested in going out to dinner for our next CC as an early anniversary celebration?  We went to Divvy’s in Carmel and it would be a good place to go.

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