Saturday, November 07, 2009

garage sale tomorrow

please stop by

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Thursday, November 05, 2009

biodiversity using native plants

I thought the speech last night was quite interesting. I know people who are into planting native plants but never quite understood what the fuss was about. Well Doug Tallamy advocated for choosing plants that support a variety of insects to feed the dwindling bird species and entire population ; diminish lawns and increase varieties of plants (especially native woody plants) to add oxygen to the atmosphere. He even had a website to help with making plant choices.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

To Minnesota and back

I enjoyed my week up North.  The leaves were still pretty in southern Minnesota, the farmers were all out in their fields harvesting and the snow wasn’t too bothersome!

As to the main reason I came to Minnesota - The Little House on the Prairie at the Ordway Theatre in Saint Paul - it was absolutely wonderful!!  It was fun to see Melissa Gilbert (Laura on the TV production of the 70’s and 80’s) as “Ma” and all of the other characters were perfectly cast.  All had lovely voices, the songs and orchestra, the minimal scenery, the costumes - all of it just great.  It was so touching to see the portrayal of those actual people and events - I was in tears on and off from the raising of the curtain.  Having read everything that Laura (and also everything of her daughter Rose) every wrote, seeing many photographs, and visiting the sod house site on Plum Creek in Walnut Grove, MN - I think it was just too touching.  I think the closest to Indy the production will come is St. Louis in November.  Saint Paul was the premiere city.  And the days with my folks were just wonderful too - full of conversation, good meals, some sorting and sifting, and just plain taking it easy.  My folks took me up to the airport yesterday(2 hours from New Ulm) for my 3:30 pm flight home.  I am “Silver Elite” on Delta/NW so I got upgraded to First Class when I came up, but I wasn’t as lucky on my return trip!  At least the pilot remembered to land here in Indy:)

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

This and That

The tanker truck explosion is sure causing an inconvenience for travelers!  86th Street from Meridian to Castleton is bumper to bumper going east.  I hope the interstate opens soon.

I checked travelocity out of curiosity - the tickets are now selling for $400 round trip to Honolulu.  No wonder it is hard to fly stand by - people buy their tickets at the last minute to get the deals.  Oh well, we paid 600 and have confirmed seats.

Looks like the sun is shining today ... plan to clean the gutters and mulch leaves.

Heartland Film Festival was enjoyable for the most part.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend Reports

Rachel ran the marathon in 4 hours and 23 minutes.  An hour faster than the one in Chicago - I think the cold temperatures helped as did the extra training and of course her Dad to keep her company the last 13 miles.

While Rachel was in the shower and Dave in the room I had the boyfriend all to myself!  After asking some polite questions I said I am only asking questions so you don’t tell Rachel that we sat here and stared at each other.  To which he replied ... I like answering questions!  So how could I hold back after that?  But I did.  I did ask him what his favorite vacation was. I gave him to teasers to ask Rachel about on the drive home ( a vacation which included a trip to the hospital and I forget the other one).  It is interesting thinking about how long the getting to know you phase his - how much childhood history, likes and dislikes, stories etc - that they don’t have to know or need to know in order for the relationship to go forward but you are tempted to hand him a book entitled “All About Rachel” - and say read it and I’ll test you on it.  He seems nice enough so we will see how it goes.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Neighborhood Gossip

Have you heard Walgreens is planning to put a store up in the place of the funeral home and Hardee’s at 86th and Ditch?  Now we know why CVS made the move they did—it looks like they will beat Walgreens to an opening.

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Monday, October 12, 2009


anybody have suggestions for what to see in the Seattle/Portland area?  we’re leaving Oct. 21 to go there and then to Phoenix.

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Dessert on Thursday

I saw Barb at the grocery when I was shopping for dessert for Thursday - I was leaning towards pumpkin pie cake but also considering the pineapple/cherry “dump” cake. She said she would eat anything but pumpkin wasn’t her favorite so pineapple cherry it is.  There is a shortage of the pumpkin at the grocery anyway - apparently there is a pumpkin shortage.

Well Carol you got your sunshine - now how about 10 degrees warmer.  Our house was at 57 and Dave said that was low enough for him so now it is at 60.  He went to give blood this morning and was rejected because his body temperature was too low.

See you on Thursday ... requests for thermostat temperature?

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lincoln and Oasis

Last night Gloria and I went down to IRT to see “The Heavens Were Hung in Black”  (a Lincoln play) - very good.  I won the tickets last week in the “Free Night of Theater 2009” giveaway online.  This afternoon I have been over to Greenbriar for a little Oasis Tutors meeting, and to meet our students.  As luck would have it, mine had gone home sick after lunch!  I will meet her next Thursday (hopefully she won’t be a frequent absentee) and get started with the program.  I have really enjoyed this the past two years, and it’s always exciting to begin again with a new student.  In other news, I think I would like to have a sunny day again tomorrow or Sunday!

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Friday, October 02, 2009

Yoo hoo Maureen

You are up next -  October 15.    Will this be ok with you?

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Excited about the weekend

I like short work weeks ( who doesn’t, those of us still working) and I enjoyed having break the fast with my in-laws!!! i can’t wait to go to Kentucky, Friday, with Judy. We are going to the St. James Art Fair, in Kentucky, Fri-Sunday. Donna is a little mad at me because I’m picking the Art Fair over going with her for my birthday day trip and the Fever game. Also Dora asked me to go with Neil and her, Sunday, to Day Spring to help with a meal for the homeless but I don’t think I’ll be home in time. Why is it everything falls on the same weekend. More about the weekend when I see you at Barb’s for CC.

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekend Activities

The weather was a surprise!  Turns out it really didn’t interfere with outdoor plans.  Saturday we invited Aunt Gloria to go with us to meet Rachel for lunch in Greensburg (half way point).  I was surprised - she accepted right a way saying “I’d love to see Rachel!” - but who wouldn’t!  Rachel and she bonded over the frozen dinners we had prepared for both of the them - our own meals on wheels.  Aunt Gloria seems to be getting into the idea of the painting class she and I are enrolled for. She said she enjoyed being around young people and it felt good to laugh (Rachel had brought a friend ... but not THE friend).  I wish it were as easy to get Dave’s dad to do things!

Today Dave and I plan to go over to Ft. Ben for the first Hoosier Outdoor Experience.  They have exhibits and demonstrations of the many outdoor opportunities.

We are still checking flights to Hawaii - comparing seats available if we land on the Big Island vs Oahu - have plans A thru Z (although plan Z is turning the thermostat up to 80 and watching Hawaii movies and listening to Carol’s CD’s).  Seats still look good for me to go to Akron on Wednesday also.

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Friday, September 25, 2009


We had our rain ... I’m happy - now about some sun!  I have cooked dinner every night this week and frozen leftovers for us, Rachel, and Aunt Gloria.  I guess I could still use a rainy day to clean the family room and bathrooms but ...

And speaking of enough ... Heartland Film Festival has extended it’s days and movies.  It is almost overwhelming to try and read all of the movies.  They have also changed the way to obtain tickets - you can buy the actual ticket ahead of time now.;jsessionid=113B8F590C65137950174B3499527726 

Dave has pushed our Hawaii trip back a day - from Tuesday to Wednesday - work conflict.  Who wants to take bets that we won’t be going?  I am planning on flying to Akron next week to see my dad so if I am not at CC that is why.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Buzzing Saws

All Points is here right now, taking down the apple tree and several large limbs on the sycamore and hackberry, also a little trimming on an oak and maple.  Quite a large crew, and Larry is also helping. 

We had a nice weekend.  Saturday we all went to eat at TGI Friday’s for Melissa’s birthday, then came back here for cupcake birthday cake.  She loved the bike we gave her.  Then on Sunday at church Delaney took her First Communion and that was quite touching to be present at.  She was very serious about the whole ceremony and had made a pretty ceramic chalice that was used for serving communion.  We gave her an angel figurine and a book of devotions for young girls - both of which Delaney liked alot.

We are planning to go and pick apples at Stuckey Farm on Saturday if the weather is nice.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Let it Rain

This weather has been fabulous but I need some rain so that I can get the house cleaned, read some books, sleep in, and vegetate!  Today Dave and I did a 45 mile bike ride in Hope, IN…south of Shelbyville.  It benefited their food pantry… don’t ask me how because the registration was only $20 and for that there was 4 rest stop with great snacks, grilled chicken sandwiches (ohh so tender), pasta salad, bean, fruit for lunch, and a root beer float at the end. When the wind was in our face I could swear I was only going to do 20 miles but then we would pick up a tail wind and we were just zooming along these country roads and I would think… maybe we can do the 100 miles!

We then went to hear Maureen McGovern at the POPS concert (she sang There’s Got to Be a Morning After oh so long ago!) - thankfully she didn’t sing it tonight!  They played music from the 60’s - tv show tunes from My 3 Sons, Hawaii 5-0, etc.

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