Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I fixed this recipe last night - in case the link doesn’t work, go to the Star’s website, life style, recipe finder and type in Onion Pork Tenderloins.  It was delicious if say so!  It says to add water if needed.  It did need more water so I would just add it at the beginning and still keep an eye on it. Step 2 - I just mixed the cornstarch and water in a cup and then poured it into the skillet - in fact the water and boiled down that I didn’t really need to us the cornstarch mixture.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Where is the Sun?

Maybe that is why we decided on yellow paint - to bring sunshine!  We decided on the color butter - it is a soft yellow.  Saturday we didn’t have time to paint - we ate dinner at the symphony before the concert. With everything going on downtown the first available parking space was on the 7th floor.  Marvin Hamlisch was entertaining but has put on weight and is walking rather stiffly - he is only 66.  I googled the movie he is up for an award for - The Informant - if anyone wants to put it on their list.  It was a film festival film.

Sunday it was painting - Dave did the closets while I did the trim.  I can’t do the up and down paint rolling - aw shucks!

The forecast for Phoenix is gray skies, high chance of showers and thunderstorms so if that holds true - we will be painting again next weekend!

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Granddaughter!!

Evelyn Hope arrived today, weighing in at 7lb 8oz, 19 inches long—just about perfect!!  Mother and baby are doing fine, Dad’s a little tired!  No pictures yet, we’re hoping to Skype tomorrow.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

CC tonight

Sue, you are so good with walking your dogs and going to the center. I was horrible last month with any exercise. I barely went once a week. I did go to the JCC yesterday and I’m going tonight, before CC at my house. Ladies I might smell like chlorine but I will shower after the pool and Hot tub. How many of you can come tonight? I already have sweets from Trader Joes. Lots to tell, especially if you aren’t on FB. Carol, did you read what I put on about my Father-in-law? News updates tonight.

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Friday, January 08, 2010

Snowy morning drive

Wasn’t it beautiful today, the snow coming down so soft and pretty!  I left home about 8 am for tutoring at Greenbriar - took about 35 minutes instead of 10, then my little first grade student was absent!  So I headed back home.  An hour’s drive in the snow was worth it though - especially when I could take my time and enjoy the challenge:)  You can take the girl out of Minnesota, but even after 30 years you can’t take the Minnesotan out of the girl.

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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Hey CarolFay

Do you know when you can have CC?

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Sunday, January 03, 2010

All is Quiet

...Maybe too quiet!  If only because now that everyone has left I have the sheets and towels from 3 extra people to wash - they should have stayed longer to get more use out of them - and to eat the extra food we now have.  We did send quite a bit home with Rachel and she’ll stop at Aunt Gloria’s to drop some off.

Kevin and Rachel gave us tickets to The Wizard of Oz on New Years Day - yes, the one with audience participation and costume contest for adults and children.  The best part of the gift is that the “kids” came also.  The chances of winning a prize definitely would have been good since there were 3 adult winners and only 3 adults in the whole audience dressed up but unfortunately we needed my brother here to encourage us.  There were also props - bubbles for when the good witch came, kazoos, lollipops, bells and noise makers.  The audience also sang along for many of the songs.  I really appreciated Kevin and Jen attending because this type of program isn’t quite in their comfort zone whereas Rachel didn’t even need the song sheet to sing along.

I do hope we see Jen again now that the first meeting is out of the way - others will seem more fun, casual, less stress and questions and answers!  I will need to google more to find out about Messianic Judaism.  As we were pulling into the JCC Sunday morning it came up that at one point in her childhood her family did attend services but that it was a long story—so maybe next time.  Kevin did say that they were thinking about trying out the service sometime in Charlotte but it doesn’t sound that Jen is committed to that faith tradition in particular.

We did get runs/walks in the last 3 days.  Dave and Rachel really got their exercise today - ran to the JCC, and then did an hour spinning class followed by a light weight workout! 

Hope everyone had a wonderful start to the new year!  We did!  Stay warm.

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Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Year Ends and..New Year!

The year is ending on a good note…Kevin and Jen got on the flight and should be landing as I type - one handed.  I will so try to walk the line between polite and conducting an inquisition!  No real plans - JCC and relax.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our festivities

We had an uneventful Christmas celebration (compared to Kate!) - very nice and full of good food, nice gifts (lots of DVD’s to watch!!!), crackling fire, meaningful church service, and togetherness!  Everyone stayed healthy too!  Also last week our overnight with the girls at the Staybridge Suites was alot of fun.  Steve flew up to visit his folks yesterday and will be back tomorrow night - I talked to him yesterday and he said he’s having a great time and no weather problems.  Soon it’s time to start putting decorations away, taking down Snow Village etc - our tree still smells so good and hasn’t started to drop needles yet, but we will likely take it down this coming weekend.  Well, it’s back to photo editing for me!!  Have lots of great pics from the past month to work with.

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Stories

Plumbing problems—snaked on Saturday—had to call 2 different plumbers to get a successful outcome—(after our guests arrived from Dallas).  I got conked on the nose Christmas Day reaching for something in the top of the closet, there will probably be a scar.  Our 2 first choice movies for Christmas Day were sold out, so we saw It’s Complicated.  It wasn’t.  Children’s Museum with a 4 year old yesterday, now that was fun!

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Year’s Eve

The story is my cousin, Sharon, who lives in Calif. is coming to Indy for her husband’s cousin’s daughter’s wedding. Her husband’s cousin, Keith, told Sharon to invite, her sister, Marla, Marla’s husband, Elliott and me to Keith and Rita’s New Year’s party in Carmel. The Wedding is Jan 2nd. Bobby, Rachel and I are going to Munster Jan 1st for two nights. Jen will be here Dec. 30th till Dec. 3rd so we will see her the 30th and maybe the 31st. I’m off tomorrow through Friday. I work Sat. and Sunday. Carol it sounds like you are already having a good holiday celebration!

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


We are getting ready to pick up the girls and head to Staybridge Suites in Fishers to spend the rest of today, overnight until tomorrow noon.  We had a free hotel night to use up by 12/26 so thought this would be fun.  We will probably be most of the time at the pool! Kind of neat, they also provide an evening meal and breakfast - so we won’t have to leave to do that.  Then tomorrow afternoon is the dress rehearsal for the children’s Christmas program which is at the 4 pm church service on Christmas Eve.  Delaney has the lead part this year, she is the “stage manager” - the premise is putting on the nativity etc etc.  Ella is part of the group, no separate part.  After church Taylor’s are going to Melissa’s mom’s for Christmas Eve.  Matthew and Davie will come here for supper and then we always watch the George C. Scott “A Christmas Carol”.  (Just finished my annual reading of Dickens book!)  On Christmas day the whole bunch will be here in the morning for a little breakfast and then we will exchange gifts.  Later in the afternoon we will have Christmas dinner together too.

Have been to the dentist this morning for regular checkup - the roads were fine but a little slick and mushy in our neighborhood.  Safe travels everyone as you are out and about over the holiday time!!

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Monday, December 21, 2009

nice weekend and a good two weeks ahead

I went with two friends and the tea club to the Ayres Tea room, on Sat. Elliott and I relaxed at home Sat. night. Sunday Bobby and Elliott went with me to the Early bird movie ($5.00) of Blindside. All threee of us enjoyed it. Then we went to the new pizza place, Monicle, which has good pizza. Matt came over, in the evening, so that Bobby and Matt could give Elliott and me our Chanukah gifts. I got an Ipod and some picture frames. Elliott got ties and a gift certificate to Smees. It was a nice weekend. I work Monday and Tuesday then I’m off Wed. through Friday. I work Sat. and Sunday since it isn’t my Holiday weekend. I get next Wed. through Sunday off. Bobby, Rachel and I are going to Munster, the first. I hope Elliott enjoys the New Years Eve Party in Carmel. I think I told you the story about my cousin and why we are invited. If not let me know. Friday we are doing the movie and dinner with our friends the Brooks. it turns out Bobby is going to be with Rachel and her family Christmas Eve and for Christmas breakfast. Then he will he home in time to go with us to a movie and dinner. I hope all of you have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Good for Another 5-10

Colonoscopy went well this morning.  I lost 6 pounds doing the prep - and I am sure I will gain it all back with 1 meal.  Dave has taken the day off so we are running errands - delivering cookies to his Dad and the staff at the Altenheim, also going to sign “my painting” and dropping cookies off for Aunt Gloria, then grocery shopping for the next 2 weeks. We will be driving to Cincinnati Christmas Eve, Rachel said to spend Christmas Day at that way she can spend Christmas evening with Nick.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wednesday It IS

I’ll call Barb, Kate, and Raquel but regardless of their response since Carol Fay is in - we will have CC here on Wednesday, December 16th!

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