Thursday, July 30, 2009

Things to Do

Just thought I would start a new post - then had to think of a headline for it that would cover the answer to Kate’s question and also leave open room to let people know of their up coming plans.  Oh, so much thought!
There is the Rock n Roll Museum in Cleveland that is highly rated and I know there is more but that is all I could think of off the top of my head.  By the time I would e-mail by brother and get a response you would be gone and back.
Rachel will be home this Saturday afternoon and Sunday - we are going to see the Fab Four(or is it 5?) - the Beatles at Conner Prairie. She also plans on administering a 3 hour sensory integration assessment test to 3 children for a class she is taking- the test is given individually.
I was wondering where you were CarolFay!  Yes, bring the wine bottles to the next CC.
I’ll put a plug in for Carol Hatfield - Poetry Plus is this Tuesday, our own Carol Hatfield will present the poetry of Robert Louis Stevenson at 7:30.  Right Carol?
It is hard to believe that August is just a few days away!

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Calling All

Dave has asked me to send out an “all call” - to Carol for more wine bottles.

Nothing new here - Dave’s Dad seems to be doing well.  He had his hearing checked - he hears at 60% - and he said over a year ago - I can hear, I just can’t make out all the words.  Kathy and I worked for 3 hours in the house cleaning out odds and ends.  Dave and his brother should be able to take care of the rest in a Saturday!  Sue - turns out that Alan likes (and wants) the dresser than Dave and I didn’t care for!  Everything seems to be working out.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

too much drama

BIG day…major garage sale at chatham arch followed by an unscheduled trip to pick up Bill in cincinatti. he fell and broke an elbow. looks like my st. louis trip is off, details later. we just got home

Ok the short version: a single step went down Bill didn’t notice it and he went down face first. 6 hours at St. V’s/

Longer version: He came out of the parking garage and was looking around to see where was the building for St. Vincent DePaul regional meeting at the U of Cincinatti. There was a curb and he was not aware that he was moving but down he went. He called Kara because he had my cell phone. The EMT’s took his vitals and they were fine but his arm, knee and face were messed up. Bill then called our friend and she picked him up. He spent the day at her house and Kara and I and the three dogs came to get him and his car. Although he had banged his forehead he seemed ok but with coumidim one never knows about bleeds/ He was/is in considerable pain but we decided to come back to Indy to go to the emergency room for a six hour visit.. Multiple x-rays and CT scan revealed broken elbow but his knee hurts a lot. His arm is wrapped up. So tomorrow we have to make appointments for his knee and elbow. He can barely walk and is singing the blues. My trip is cancelled for now. I am playing nurse but can leave him while he sleeps.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

RETIREMENT settlement

Details at cc but I buy a replacement computer(e-bay has them for less than $300) and I am off the hook. Let the partying begin.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

cc at my house Thursday the 16th

Carol Faye we have a 100% go for this Thursday since you promised to be there. I am still fighting the powers at school. I got the specs for the computer and found that I can purchase one for less than $300. Rather than having to return to work I have asked to be allowed to replace the computer or pay $300. If I get the OK I will fight no more forever. Prayers welcome.

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Monday, July 13, 2009

It’s a Sad Day for AMC College Park

I went to see the $5.00 The Taking of Pelham 123 and saw a sign in the window. It said AMC College Park was closing on July 12th at the end of the day. It saddens me since it’s been so convenient. The man behind the counter said Keresotes Trader’s point killed them. I think AMC was on the downslide before Keresotes opened. I enjoyed the movie. I want to see the Woody Allen movie and Dillinger. It will be hard working a full week after a three day week and a whole weekend but I have lots to look forward to this week, like always. I’m going to exercise at the JCC, I get a free steak at Eddie Merlout, another movie, a birthday lunch, meeting my HS friend and a Fever game. Also Bobby will be home for a couple of days before his last baseball camp. I hope to see all of you Thursday at Susan’s house.

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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Voting Time

I am sure we have discussed what to do with letters ...  Today when I was at Dave’s Dad’s house I came across letters that he had written to Wilma- several from the months before they were married and a few when he was away for business.  I showed them to him and asked if he wanted to read them ... he said no but thank you.  I asked if he wanted me to read them to him ... he said no.  I did not ask what he wanted me to do with them.  Now that I have already read them ... was that allowed?  Dave has read them also and sees nothing wrong with it - there was nothing negative in them.

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Monday, July 06, 2009

Weekend Reports

Oh well ... if only Sunday had been Saturday in terms of weather!  Kevin and Rachel both came in Friday night and we all spent some time at Dave’s Dad.  Our picnic for Saturday was moved from Conner Prairie to our dining room.  Rachel’s friend, Erin Murphy, came over and made the evening more lively. Dave’s dad joined us in a game of Hearts - the only reason we played that instead of euchre.

Rachel ended up taking a garden tour - while at Susan’s to pick up the OT games - she said she can’t wait to go to work on Monday to try them all out!  Then over to Kate’s to take the grass that had fallen out of their trunk when they left Susan’s.

Kevin took Rachel to Climb Time - please don’t let her get hooked!  I had to admire the way Kevin moved - it was very graceful, like ballet.

My Dad was discharged on Sunday.

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Friday, July 03, 2009


Just fyi Susan… I have canceled or changed the address on 15 subscriptions - some of them came with memberships to organizations - National Preservation of Historic Places, Indiana Historical, Theater Organ, etc

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Thursday, July 02, 2009


I was in the middle of making the black raspberry custard recipe that was in this mornings paper when the phone rang.  It was the secretary in the office of St. Edwards (where my Dad is).  She couldn’t reach my sister so she was calling me to let me know that my Dad was being transported to the hospital.  The right side of body was swollen (although how they could tell since he is overweight - so it really must have been).  They called his doctor who said to call 911.  She told me that he wasn’t uncomfortable.  I called one of my brothers who lives in Akron to tell him to go to the hospital and then called my niece, Marie, to get Kitty’s pager number at work.  I am sure that St. Ed’s had tried the pager but it is weird ... all you do is dial the number and then enter your number - their is no prompt or anything.  I paged Kitty who called back and said she had just gotten the message and was on her way.  And so ... 3 hours later I am still waiting - which means I am sure that they don’t know anything and can’t call to update us for some reason.  The black raspberry custard didn’t turn out - never firmed up at all so we have sauce we can pour over ice cream.  No matter how much you expect these calls you are never ready!  I am sure it is some type of congestive heart failure.

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