Sunday, August 30, 2009

It’s the Thought

The Second Helpings Fund Raiser - The Harvest Comes Home - was very nice - lots of food and wine!  There was also a silent auction—I bid $200 on Chocolate Lovers’ Experience which was an opportunity for me and 7 of my friends(wonder who they would have been?) to go to the Chocolate store on Mass Ave and make and eat truffles!  Alas, I was overbid. When we left at 8:30 the only 2 items that we were still high bidder on were a 3 month JCC membership and a 3 month YMCA membership - alas!  I was so hoping to win the week’s vacation in a beach condo on Kiowa Island SC with 2 airline tickets to anywhere for my bid of $700.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Next CC

Hello from New Ulm, Minnesota!  Maureen has it right (thanks!) - I did right away call after last CC and leave a message with Raquel that it was her turn on September 3.  I hadn’t heard back from her before I left town a week ago.  And I will have company from Minnesota when I get back - our good friends from our Minneapolis days will be in Indy Tues and Wed.  I will get home late Monday night and hit the ground running Tuesday morning trying to get organized before they arrive and so probably the soonest I will check back with Raquel is Thursday the 3rd.  If any of you ladies would like to call her yet this week, that might be a good idea.

The Chanhassen show and overnight was wonderful, and the visit at my folks has been great too.  Tomorrow afternoon I head north again to the cities to my friend Rob’s for dinner and overnight, and then Saturday on further north to Pine City for the reunion.  Can’t wait!

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ladies, when is the next CC?

Is CC tonight or did I miss it last weeki? I work until 9:00 tonight. Since Elliott is home he went to my skin Dr. appt. with me. Tomorrow I only work 4 hours. I have errands and packing to do tomorrow before we go to Milwakee, early Sat. Morning. It will be nice to see Jen in Milwaukee. She will talk to our group. We will see two Pittsburgh- Milwaukee baseball games and get home late Sunday. Matt was going to go with us but now he can’t he is too busy with work. I’m getting ready for work but wanted to know about tonight. Let me know when and where. I misplaced the slip. I have to put it right on the fridge when I get home from CC.

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Very sad news

Some of you may remember Jay Gephart who was the band director at North Central for several years when Matthew and Shana were there - his wife just passed away from breast cancer at age 49. They became good friends of ours, and I had their daughters in my preschool class in 1993 and 1995.  Maureen, I would guess Kevin might also know the Gepharts as Jay has been director of bands at Purdue since he left here in 1995.

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My Flight Plan- get your map out

Maureen is correct.  I have been in Minnesota (and other places) alot since April!  Tomorrow I am leaving here at 5 am to drive up to Minnesota and meet in the cities (actually just outside of the cities) at Chanhassen - we are going to celebrate my mother’s 80th birthday. Steve can’t go due to work obligations and also jury duty next week.  Anyway, my siblings and mates and my folks are going to the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre tomorrow night to see Forever Patsy Cline, then stay overnight at the inn next door.  Then on Sunday we are going to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum and then finish the day with dinner somewhere.

Sunday then I will drive down to New Ulm ( 2 hours south of the cities) and spend the week with my folks.  Friday I will drive back up to the cities and visit several Minneapolis friends from when we lived there before moving here.  Later in the afternoon I will end up at Burnsville (suburb) at the horse farm of an old high school friend, Rob,  a chiropractor!, and his partner - we will go to his lake home for some boating and then I’ll stay overnight with them.  On Saturday it’s on up to Pine City (2 hours north of the cities, not far from Duluth and my brother’s lodge) where I will attend my 40th high school reunion.  Have so many old friends to catch up with (partly why I am seeing Rob first, so we can yak before the reunion) and I am very excited.  I’ll stay overnight there in the vintage Gail Motel, then visit again separately with my best friend Glor (who happens to own the house I lived at in Pine City!) for awhile on Sunday morning.  That afternoon I’ll drive back south about 3 hours to where my sister lives near Rochester (the Mayo Clinic city) and stay overnight until Monday morning.  I’ll drive back to Indy then - about a 10 hour drive. 

OK ladies.  There will be a quiz about my itinerary, and the winner gets a Nut Goodie candy bar

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Outing Anyone?

This was in this mornings paper and hopefully the link will come up

Dave and I are thinking about going.  Is anyone interested? In case you can’t get to the link… Second Helpings is having their fund raiser on August 29th from 6 to 10 at their location at 1121 Southeastern Ave.  It is a food and wine tasting…several restaurants will be there along with wine pairings.  Tickets are 40 a piece in advance.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Barb’s sister-in-law

In today’s paper I saw the obituary for Barb’s sister-in-law, so I went to the Rushville newspaper website and found a longer version:

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Too Hot for the fair

We decided to go to a movie, today, instead of the fair. We hope to go to the fair Thursday evening. Today it’s the Time Traveler’s wife. Ten the Fever game tonight. Errands and house cleaning tomorrow. Did I tell you it’s Friday when we decide what the plan is for retiring? Elliott is hoping to be the building sub for NC. Judy’s daughter is enjoying here job as art teacher at Westlane.B obby is trying to get on as a sub for washington Township but was told he has to go through an orientation first. No date, just that it would be soon. He does like helping at Butler. He got tickets, for last night’s Colts game, from one of the baseball coaches. Get this, the tickets were on the floor and big bicks!!!

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Elliott’s first day

I’m thrilled to report that Elliott had a very good first day of teaching at Attucks. He has three classes of seventh graders and three classes of tenth graders. He said thhe seventh graders looked so small to him but what he couldn’t get over was how POLITE the students were and how much they SMILED. He said it wasn’t at all like BR. Sue, I just realized I have four friends that retired from teaching and all four are not 62 yet so the aren’t collecting SS yet. my friend Kitzi, the special Ed teacher from North View is the latest friend, besides you, that has retired. She is commuting between here and Omaha. Did any of you say you were going to the fair? I’m going Saturday and of course it’s supposed to get hot and humid again. I took Honet for a walk, this morning, and it was very pleasant.

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Sunday, August 09, 2009


OK, now it feels like August.

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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Tomorrow will be crazy

I am off and will squeeze several things into the day as usual. my one big problem is Elliott and I are sharing a car. I have riley until 1:00. Elliott will be at Atticks until 6 or 7. I have to pick him up. before that I have lunch and movie plan. I’m not trying to get out of having CC but the house might not be very clean and I will have to grab something from the store for desert. I still want everyone to come. If I run into a time problem I will call but Elliott said he would be DONE at 7:00 with reg.

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