Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kate, now I remember where I read about the accident you saw at Yellowstone

I always read the online version of the Minneapolis Star - you would think I would remember because the fellow was from Minnesota.  Very sad for the family,  and traumatic for you and Bill to witness it.
YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, Wyo. - A motorcyclist from Minnesota was killed when he crashed head-on with a motor home at Yellowstone National Park.

Park officials say 42-year-old Dale Payne, Jr., of Burtrum, Minn., was killed instantly Wednesday afternoon when his Harley-Davidson crossed the centerline and hit the oncoming vehicle.

A young girl riding in a sidecar on Payne’s motorcycle was thrown from the vehicle and suffered injuries. The park didn’t release her name. The girl was in stable condition at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

The girl was wearing a helmet, but investigators have not yet determined whether Payne was wearing a helmet found at the scene.

Wednesday’s death marked the second fatal motorcycle accident at Yellowstone this summer.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

dental fun forever

Well root canal continuation today. Still an active infection in my jaw so the dentist packed my tooth with antibiotics and said let’s try again in three weeks. I am trying to be optimistic but it is tough after two years of messing with this. The dentist said we may keep doing this over several visits until the infection abates. I treated myself with a trip to Home Depot (near to the dentist) and picked up a few clearance items. I bought a darling lime colored Japanese maple for $15. Kara came over after work and helped to kick start my hall entry way. We washed down the wall and skim coated it. Then we sanded it down. I need to do some more sanding and then can start painting.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010


  I didn’t see any scabble players, yesterday, but I looke at the August calenday and Friday, Aug. 13th, 20th and 27th is booked for the scabble team. You probably pop by or I can ask about it on the 13th. it looks like it’s reserved from 12:30 to 4:30. We had the therapy dogs ( the bigger dogs) again today. The kids seem to really enjoy reading to the dogs. They are signing up again and Aug. 7th is already full.  Elliott and I picked out a new shower curtain for our Master bathroon. We are getting an acrylic mold over the bathtub and wall. We are taking out the shower door and putting in a cressent shower rod so we needed a new shower curtain.Tonight, after work, I’m going to Hellas to meet an ex co-worked from Nora.

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

These Years

Short version:  my Dad is okay but if it isn’t one thing it is another.  As best my sister can figure - and it makes sense - although St.Ed’s isn’t saying it is so until they talk to the Dr. - before my Dad was moved the Dr. for some reason decided to change a medication that my Dad has been on for years for pain in his jaw.  This medicine was working just fine so who knows why the Dr. felt it needed to be changed. But around 5 yesterday my Dad had the aide calling several of the family (didn’t try me) because he was in hysterical tears, feeling drunk etc.  St Ed’s at the time believed that my Dad was just going through a period of adjustment to a new room.  Of course all the calls went to voice mail. One of my CA brothers did end up speaking with him then called my sisters pager.  So she and my brother spent yesterday evening with my Dad - Kitty was trying to get all the loose ends at work and at home tied up before leaving on vacation….

A family of a patient had their lawyer subpoena her to testify on their behalf I guess in a claim against where she works…so she was also dealing with having to meet with her employers attorney I think before she left… 

I am trying to come up with scenario A B and C so I’ll already have a plan in mind if anything happens while I am there - knowing full well that whatever I don’t plan for is what will happen.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Because Kate Asked

Denmark to Germany to Netherlands to Belgium back to Denmark and on to Norway back to Denmark and on to England back to Denmark and home again.  Details at CC.

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Where is Eden Prarie Minn?

Did all of you hear or read that Eden Prairie Minn is on of the best places to live? Carol, have you been there? I’m going, tonight, to see the movie The Girl Who Played with Fire. It’s been so busy and Hectic, at Pike, I need a change of Pace.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Outing anyone?

Dave and I have bought tickets to an event at  It is a fundraiser held at their center, tickets are $50 each - food and wine samples, silent auction (that’s where we got our membership to the JCC and Y)  It s Aug 28th - go to the site under events.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Beware the heat

Yesterday was root canal fun. I was in the chair for two hours with the endodontist prodding and poking for an hour and a half. After two years I still have an active infection. I am back on antibiotics. For lunch I stopped and downed a Steak (a shooter) and Shake ( chocolate malted). Then I needed a three hour nap. My mouth was sore so I just had a small bowl of ice cream for supper. I had no problem falling asleep that night.
But not so complete a recovery was to be had. Feeling a little shaky the next morning I still managed to walk dogs, lift litter and find some mystery mail. Then a quick water and yogurt for lunch . I grabbed a bottle of water and a juice pack and went off to swim class. The cool water felt great but ten minutes before the end of class I was sweaty and so weak I could barely lift my legs. I got out of the pool and collapsed on the bench and chugged my water. Sally took my blood sugar and it was slightly low (80). She brought me a sugary drink and a peanut butter crackers which I wolfed down. And then someone refilled my water. After 20 minutes I was able to walk unassisted to the locker room where I drank more water and my apple juice. On the way to my car I ate an orange. my instructor had offered to drive me home but I was ok. she followed me home. By that time I was feeling pretty good but I rested for an hour and was ready to go to a party.  when I got home at 10:00 I had a message from my instructor asking me to call. I had forgotten that I told her I would call. She said that she thought I was in the hospital.  oops. The moral of my story is drink your water.

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

I had a nice time last night.

It was so nice getting to CC early and not feeling like i missed alot! Kate, we missed you and hope to see you at the next one. It will be at Carol’s house. I’m happy you are enjoying Amy’s visit. Sue, I think I left a thankyou card and envelope at your house. It might be under the chair I was sitting on. Can you let me know if you see it?

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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I had a great 4th weekend

Carol, It sounds like you had a great trip with the girls,Steve and visiting family. I enjoyed being with my family and some of Nancy’s friends. I enjoyed the Taste ( great food ), Centennial Park in Munster ( great band and fireworks) Highland festival (more food and fireworks). The evenings were very pleasant weatherwise Friday and Saturday evening. Sunday was more humid and uncomfortable. I really had a great time with my sister. I usually don’t spend so much time with her when I go to Munster. My Mom and I took Josh to see Toy Story 3. We asked him if he had seen it and hje said no until we were leaving the theater. Then he said he saw it on Demand TV, at a friend’s house. I played baseball and bowling on his WII. It takes a while to figur out how to pitch, bat and bowl but it was OK. I enjoyed having breakfast with my cousin Linda (why is everything food?). I was ready to go to work today! Barb and I are going to Zumba tonight so I’ll remind her about CC at Susan’s house, Thursday. I should be able to go. I’m off and go to Riley. Do any of you know of a place that serves breakfast in Broad Ripple? My friend, Rhonda, wants to meet there, at 8:30, for breakfast.

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Monday, July 05, 2010

Now it feels like summer!

We are back from our trip up to Minnesota with Delaney and Ella - had a nice visit with Steve’s folks, plus went on some fun outings while we were there.  The girls loved the Mall of America and the shopping time in the American Girl store.  Delaney had saved $ to buy a Bitty Baby, and Ella had $ to buy some accessories for her regular sized doll. We ate at the Bistro inside there also.  The mall is so huge that we really only spent time in one-quarter of the place.  There is a full sized amusement park there too - I took Ella on one ride.  I also drove up to Pine City to visit Glor (she owns the house I grew up in there!) but unfortunately she was in Duluth!  But the girls and I had a blast roaming around inside my old school, eating lunch curbside at the rootbeer stand, and driving around the town, lake and river areas etc.  Also took them to Como Park in Saint Paul - a nice zoo and beautiful conservatory, Japanese gardens etc. , to the Minnesota State Capitol and twice to the Minnesota History Center.  We didn’t begin to run out of things to do in the cities.  And for Steve’s folks, Delaney and Ella put on the “Shakespeare’s Sonnets” program (the one Gloria and I did at Poetry group - including the quiz at the end, Maureen!).  Delaney read the sonnet and Ella (a fantastic reader for a 6 yr old) read the paraphrased meaning. 

We had a nice 4th of July and today Taylor, Melissa and girls are coming over for mesquite smoked turkey breast on the grill.  Hope to see you all on Thursday (except for Kate I guess!).

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