Sunday, October 31, 2010

garage sale madness

Friday I spent over $90 on rummage sales. $45 went for a 12 piece place setting of Johnson Brothers ‘summer chintz’ pattern. These dishes are made in England and will be perfect to serve my desert for cc meetings. Today I had my sale and made about $90. Easy come easy go. It was much colder than I expected. Thanks Maureen for stopping by. I am going to try again tomorrow for the morning only. I have several large items that did not sell: drop leaf table, sofa hideabed; treadmill; my motorized trike. I may be asking more than traffic will bear or the right people just haven’t stopped by. I had a lot of traffic due in part to Kara placing a funny rant about her mom having too much stuff on craigslist. One man even printed out the letter and had it with him. Carol Fay,  I wish you would come by and take a look at my hand puppets. I have about 12 including Mickey and Minnie and many others which I had collected through the years. the most expensive is $3. Happy Halloween everybody.

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Friday, October 29, 2010

I guess CC isn’t this week.

Should we have it on the 11th? Next week I think two of you said you couldn’t come and It turns out I work next Friday and am thinking of going to Munster next weekend. Thursday, November 11th, Veteran’s Day Is staff Day so I get home early ( we start at 8:30) and don’t work Friday. How is Thursday, November 11th?

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I forgot to save and good news!

I sent an email about not being able to have CC this week and meant to post it on CC but forgot. I also mentioned what a great four days off I had. I saw two movies, Red and Hereafter ( bot good but I really enjoyed Hereafter), Poe Cabaret, no Heartland ( I was too tired Sat. and it was an 8:30 PM movie. I enjoyed going to Nashville and IU on Friday. The GOOD NEWS is There are definitely enough people who volunteered to retire or quit so nobody else will be laid off. I definitely will have a job. There will still be switching but I’m thinking possitive and know I can handle whatever happens as long as I have a job. I’m scheduled at pike for at least the first two weeks of November and do work a Friday so I get a Sat. and Sunday off.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Garage Sale next Saturday

I need to get my garage emptied for winter and next Saturday is supposed to get to 68 degrees. I would appreciate visitors any time on Saturday. Kara and I went out Saturday morning but I think I blew my savings with the Zvlle coffee shop stop. Two coffees and two scones were almost $11. It was yummy and fun though,  You don’t have to buy anything at the sale (although that would be nice) but after the first few hours it is often lonely and boring
Last weekend was incredible for boys size four clothing. I went to a sale with a friend that had so much I offered to buy it by the bagful( about $30 dollars I think). I ended up divvying up clothes and sent a $20 in postage to my nieces boy; gave an equivalent amount to the son of the fellow who mows my lawn; a kitchen garbage sack full to a friend who was visiting her grandson last week and a stack of about 2o slacks and sweaters for Kara’s nephew. why one boy had so many clothes is a puzzlement. they were all good brands and in excellent condition.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Help Wanted-can’t wait until next CC

I have a few problems with the way my painting is turning out.  The walls are fine, but I’m concerned about the white trim.  If anyone would be able to offer some advice, please let me know or stop by Monday after 5:30 pm.  I also have carpet samples here that I could use a second opinion on.  Or I could come home for lunch if that works better—call me at the office 844-0448 on Monday if you can help.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sunroof vs. Moonroof courtesy of Yahoo

“Sunroof” is the generic term used to describe an operable panel in a vehicle roof which can let in light and/or air. “Moonroof” is a term created by Ford in the 70s, yet is now used generically to describe glass panel inbuilt electric sunroofs.
Hmmm, so all moonroofs are sunroofs, yet not all sunroofs are moonroofs? We found further clarification—“sunroof” is the term originally used to describe a metal panel that would only allow light or air in when opened. A “moonroof,” on the other hand, is a glass panel that can allow light in even when it is closed (provided, of course, you slide back that nifty fabric-covered panel to expose the glass).

True sunroofs, those made just of metal, appear to have gone the way of 8-tracks in automobiles, and these days, most “sunroofs” are really “moonroofs”—panels of tempered glass, usually tinted, that tilt up to allow a flow of air, or slide back into the roof entirely, giving the car occupants a brief but tantalizing glimpse of life in a convertible.

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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Seattle Trip

I guess I am the opposite of CH. I took no photos. I did observe a woman taking a photo of the wine she was drinking at the restaraunt which made me think of the European tour.
No flight problems going or coming. No weather problems either. We are 3 for 3 visits on sunny days in Seattle. We think people are fibbing to keep Seattle from becoming over crowded. Lots of diversity in Seattle. People watching was interesting. We did a lot of walking. I forgot how many hills there are. Bill had to walk 12 blocks from church to the hotel. He arrived huffing and puffing. He could not find a cab. Fortunately the walk was mostly down hill. My daughter’s townhouse is very well appointed with amazing bay view from her desk and has lovely landscaping which we improved by adding three bluberry bushes. She has a huge (3 ft) rosemary plant which she had no idea what it was and many interesting shrubs. There is some outdoor space and one small balcony. Details of our spa visit will be shared next week at the chocolate making. Who wants a ride besides Kate?

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Friday, October 01, 2010

any collections?

  I am taking my paperweight collection out of the display case, at Pike, today. I have a lady who is putting in a Photography collection for October. Do any of you have a collection you could put in for November or January? Since I’m in charge I thought I’d ask friends and call some teachers. I really enjoyed going to liberty Ill, with Elliott, last weekend, for a weekend wedding. We went to the Friday night Rehearsal Dinner, the church Wedding, and the Saturday night reception. It was our Ohio friend’s fourth son who got married. We sat at the family table and had a nice time together, for a change. I usually go with girlfriends, like this weekend, so it was nice being with Elliott. Tomorrow Judy and I are going to the St. James Art Fair, until Sunday. It’s in Louisville. Next Friday, Our first Friday closed, I’m going on a Day Trip with Donna and Shel. Sunday starts the new library hours. Last night was the last time I worked until 9:00 now the latest in 8:00/

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