Thursday, January 27, 2011


My Manager called me into her office, today. I have the most seniority, of the three children’s librarians, so I don’t have to movie, but Sharon, my old Nora manager, is now at Glendale and she wants me to go to Glendale to work. Carol told me to check it out tomorrow, and spend the day there. Then I decide if I want to or not. Sue, I’ll be late tomorrow but I’ll try to come. I want to see how the nook works, tell all of you about Glendale and I have a favor to ask all of you. Do any of you have children’s books, age 5-15 you would be willing to donate to a worthy cause?? Matt’s girlfriend, Jen, Is trying to organize a book drive to send books back to the Orphanage library she helped set up in India. My sister said she has some and I’m asking friends. I have a few books I can donate. I asked my manager if I could ask the library system but she said the church or organization would have to be local and Jen is in Pittsburgh. Hopefully I’ll see you after 9:00.

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Good day off

Yesterday I went to the $5.00 Movie, “No Strings” at Glendale, with my cousin MArla. We enjoyed it. Then went home for awhile and met my friend, Rhonda, at Paradise Bakery (96th and Meridian) at 4:30. After that I met Donna at IHC and we went to Friday night services. The Rabbi’s wife sang along with the Rabbi and played the guitar. She has a great voice. They were in the middle of the room and seats were on all sides of them like theater in the round. We really enjoyed it!! it was so different. The traditional service is up front on the Beema or podium. For those of you on FB (Carol) Jen is home from India and plans to download pictures soon. If she sends them to my email I will pass them on. I work the whole weekens and straight through next Thursday so I’m relaxing at home tonight. I got the DVD TAkers from Pike and plan to watch it tonight.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

JFK events

We took advantage of the free museum day and went to the historical society. D’Lovely!  Bill and Al sat in the Cole Porter room while Linda and I took the behind the scenes tour. Earlier we went to Shapiros for lunch. It was yummy and we shared food so my calories for the day weren’t too bad. Kara set me up on Maureen you would love it. the food diary lists all the nutrients, calories and how close you are to your target for the day. It is free to do.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Curiosity Kills the Cat

Any volunteers to call this number 317-640-8907?  I came out of the Y the other day and found a handwritten note on my windshield…Hi - Please call me 640-8907 (leave msg if I can’t answer) thank you.

No one really knows my van - I do run into people I have known through the years but no one I hang out with (I only hang out with you guys!).  I googled reverse directory to see if I could find the name - it is a cell pone so the name doesn’t show.  I am betting they mistook my van for someone they knew - but why wouldn’t they have signed their name even then - and if they knew them, why give the number?  Anybody want to call and see who answers?

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What about CC?

Has anyone heard from Raquel about CC this week? I know it also depends on the weather but it’s been a long time. I just heard both Pike and NC are closing at 1:00 and I’m waiting to se if Head Start closes or If I have to go back, at 2:00 for my afternoon story time. Matt’s Jen left yesterday for India. She text me to say she will be helping to build and set up a library in India, the first week she is at the orphanage.  Bobby is back in Iowa but before he left Rachel cleaned his teeth. He had to pay since he isn’t her Hubby but it’s cheaper, at the Dental school, when you don’t have insurance.

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surgery went ok

i survived which is always a good thing. i told the anesthesiologist that   i usually need only light sedation. i remember nothing. from then until i was awakened in recovery.  afterwards he reported that i was correct. unlike maureen i did not come home and do laundry. i slept for 4 hours and am now awake and wondering why my finger is numb. put a call into the doctor.

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Make Lemonade

You know the saying about lemons and lemonade?  The chocolate nut bread looked really good - we sliced the end pieces off when they were still warm.  It didn’t taste like a brownie but it was more nutritious - until we spread homemade chocolate frosting on it.  The center of the loaf was too crumbly to cut - so we just let it crumble and topped it with homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream, banana, and chocolate sauce!  Just a way of drowning our sorrows as we watched the Colt’s game on Saturday.

Sunday we went swimming and did weights for obvious reasons!

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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Any word from Raquel?

It is now January 5th. Do we have CC this week or sometime this month at Raquel’s house? Has anyone heard from her? After the holidays is a good time to start getting together again.I want to show off my new purse I bought at Macys when I was in Munster. I really got some good bargins at Macys.I had a great Mother son day, Monday, with Bobby. We saw the movie the Fighter ( good story and good acting) ran errands and visited my in-laws.Bobbyis now at Rachel’s until Thursday. He goes to a coaches conference in Nashville, Tenn, then back to Iowa Western on Sunday. Matt’s girlfreind leaves for India Monday. We totally missed her visit since Bobby, Rachel and I were in Munster. Sue, I finally went to a JCC exercise in the therapy pool. Monday night. I really enjoyed it. Then I went to Zumba last night. After two weeks of no exercise and horrible eating in felt good to get back to it.

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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy New Year

The sun is shining ... a good way to start the new year!  Dave and I walked 5 miles yesterday.  We also have made 4 loaves of bread using the bread maker that Kevin and Rachel gave us. I would never have bought one - don’t want to accumulate stuff - but the bread sure is good!!!  New diet plan - bread and water!

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