Friday, June 24, 2011

Black raspberry picking time

I have a lovely crop of black ones only. You are welcome to come and pick. Limit 3 free berry containers each. You should wear long sleeves because there are stickers. I am running short on containers so if you want more than one you might need to bring your own shallow container.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011


Today is Wed, thurs Joe is arriving, Kevin comes Friday, Dave returns from his business trip also,we leave Sat or sun, Kevin leaves sun, Steve and his two sons come tues and leave wed as does joe, frank and his new wife arrive july 1st, dave and i will be back july 2nd and leave on the 4th as will frank and cathy. I am sure kitty won’t mind when everything settles down…although no one is buying airline tickets for vacations without travel insurance.

Just dealing with usual nursing home frustrations and my dad’s transition to a new normal… can’t use electric wheelchair so now totally dependent, harder to eat - will need some help, and the highest praise of all…my dad told my sister that “renie did good”.... I had to help him several times with the urinal.  he told my sister as she was helping him…sex education begins at home -although she has been helping him for years.  where are my brothers when they are needed?

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Spent 12 hours with my dad.  he was discharged at 3 this afternoon…really doesn’t mean anything…he is probably too weak for any PT, can’t seat without leaning left, tires so much that he doesn’t have much energy for eating.  he drew the line in the sand when it came time to use thickening agents in his liquids which increases his chances of aspiration and choking -pneumonia will most likely set in at some point…but who knows it’s my dad we are talking about and he has a strong positive outlook—although I believe he is admiting death is real -saying I love you at the end of all conversations, crying when I left the hospital last night = my brother took the overnight shift - etc etc paln is to come home either sat or sun.  a brother from california will be in thurs for a weed.  we will probably be back 4th of july weekend when my twin will be here.

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Father’s Day

I have to admit I had a great Father’s Day with Elliott’s family. Both our Boys and Jackie’s family (Even Corey and 2 year old Chase) all went to Morningside. Elliott and I brought in sandwiches from McC. Deli on Meridian. Jackie brought chips, drinks and deserts. What did all of you do Sunday? Maureen, How is your Dad? Bobby was in a Wedding, Sat, and was supposed to go back to Iowa, for a camp, on Sunday but they told him they didn’t need him, so he was able to be with us. Carol I’m really sorry about your friend. We are getting together for my cousin Bob’s 60th birthday, July 23rd. All the brain surgeries have taken their toll. He is now in a wheel chair and can hardly talk. We hope he makes it to his birthday!! His Dad and partner, Bill, have reserved tickets for 50 friends and relatives to go to a theater in Chicago to see the Matinee of West Side Story. We hope Bob will be up to going to his Celebration. I will Celebrate Father’s Day and the 4th, next week, with my family. We will visit with my cousin David and hope to visit Bob besides going to the Taste of Chicago. I really enjoyed Going on a Food Tour with Donna and Shel. Their son, Jeff, just started a food tour here. We had a guide (there were four other ladies with us) who told us history about Mass. Ave and Lockerby Square between five different restaurants ( Rathskeller, The Good Earth, A Pub, Mesh and Henry’s Coffee House) I have pictures I will either send in the email or get copies at Sams. I had a great time! The food and Beer tasting were delicious!

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barb news

I saw Bob walking on Saturday and he told me that Barb and the three sons were attending a wedding and seeing Barb’s mom. I am attending a cooking demo at Methodist tomorrow. We went to see Marquette Manor today and had sticker shock. Maureen how are things going with your dad?

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Next CC

Next Thursday I have a meeting. I could just meet you wherever - remember that this Starbucks closes early.  Do we want to try some other cafe?

The other option… if you want it on Wednesday… I could do it here - there is a plastic curtain at the entrance to the living and dining room in an attempt to keep the dust from the bathroom remodeling out.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

I know it’s the qualityof time but it’s hard.

Bobby has been here, over a week, and he has only spent one night with us. We saw him Tuesday ( when he slept over) he helped Elliott clean the roof) and last night he came over and helped me pick up branches. Then we had dinner and went to the hospital to see Cory (he had passed out mowing the lawn but seemed ok). Then he came back to the house for a short time and left to go back to Rachel’s place. We will see them tonight for Bobby’s birthday. He is home one more week and then goes back to Iowa for a couple of weeks. I doubt we see him much this week. He is in a wedding(this coming weekend) that only Rachel is invited to. I know he is a grown man but it’s hard that he spends most of his time with Rachel. Matt is here all the time and I don’t see him much. I guess it’s because Bobby is the Baby and not here as much. He will be back and forth, In indy, this Summer. Ladies, am I being a Clinging whiny Mom?

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Sorry Didn’t make it to Sue’s

I had a great weekend with Josh. I ca’n believe it’s almost a week ago. Bobby surprised us and is in town for two weeks. One week is almost over and we have seen hime once. He is staying with Rachel and scouting baseball during the day. I work all weekend and hope to see Bobby to celebrate his birthday. Where is CC this week. I’ll try harder to come this time. I just had too much to do before Josh’s visit. I have som good library stories. Summer Reading is now in Full Swing. Glendale has a Magnet program tomorrow.

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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Poetry Plus Tuesday

Poetry Plus is tomorrow night, Tuesday June 7 at 7:30 pm in Pilgrim Lutheran Church library.  Gloria and I are presenting a program of “Hoosier’s Nature Poetry” along with nature photos of mine.  All are welcome.

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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Conversation Club at Susans

How is this as an alternate posting since Steve is gone?  Conversation Club will be at Susan’s.  Carol will be there.  I will be there.  Kate… is your quilting time the same time as CC?

Love this weather!

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