Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Two Surprises

Bobby and Rachel surprised us by sitting with Elliott,me and our friends at the Indian’s library night. The Indians won in 12 Innings and there was a pleasant breeze in the heat! Tonight Rachel and Bobby are coming over for dinner and either want to make tacos for us or pick up Chinese. Bobby is leaving the end of the week so it will be nice to spend tonight with him. He won’t be back till Winter break. Matt is coming back from his weekend with Jen and her family in Atlanta. I can’t believe the Summer Reading Program will be over this Sat!! Our Manager is leaving at the end of this month and Melissa is our new Manager. We have had Sharon and Melissa for two weeks.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

CC this Thursday the 21st at Maureens

Just in case Maureen’s email slips past anyone - she has offered to have CC at her house on Thursday night.  Probably would have been way too hot to sit outside at Starbucks!!

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Maureen’s Dad

I forwarded an email from Maureen, but also will post her message here:
I am once again am writing this from a strange computer and don’t have everyones address… Was able to bring my dad to Kitty’s house today in anticipation of a 3 day bed side vigil.  He was here for 1 hour and died very peacefully for which we are thankful.  After all the struggles he had these past few years he deserved the peacefully.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Both Boys and their girlfriends will be with us tomorrow.

Jen is coming to Indy, tonight, so Matt suggested the six of us should grill out at the house. Bobby will be back from IU tomorrow. It will be nice having the boys and their girlfriends all together. I am going to get groceries, tonight, after work. I am giving up a movie with Judy and swimming with Donna but I feel time with the boys and their girlfriends (and the grocery shopping) are definitely priority, don’t you? I was dwbating about going to Symphony on the Prairie, for Sinatra music, this weekend, but I just think it will be too hot.
  I saw Barb, last night, at Zumba. Sue, she said the daycare, for her Mom, just wouldn’t work out. She will have to stay with the plan to have someone at the house when she is working. She is bringing her Mom back, I think in August. I would also like Starbucks again, maybe next week? How many will be here?

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Thursday, July 07, 2011

I can definitely meet , which Starbucks?

Bobby is leaving for Munster, tomorrow morning, to recruit at a ball field near my parents. I get off at 6:00, will swim with Donna, and then I can meet. Is it Greenbriar Starbucks? I have lots to share. I don’t know if Barb is coming since her Mom is here all week. See you around 7:30. Let me know if we change places and it’s not Greenbriar Starbucks!

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Monday, July 04, 2011

Munster Trip Filled with good times and Sadness

Before I Left, for Munster, my Mom called to tell us My cousin Michele’s Father-in-Law fell into a well, in his backyard, and died. They found him in the well with his legs sticking straight up. The family has no idea if he had a heart attack, stroke or just lost his footing and the wife refuses to have an Autopsy ( Jewish law or custom, no Autopsy). It was such a shock and so many people were at the funeral on Thursday. Matt came up, since he is close to Michele and Scott ( Michele’s husband), and had to park in the Church accross the street. The procession, to the cemetary, was 80 cars. It was really heartbreaking!! The next day we went to the Taste of Chicago (which we enjoyed) but more sadness. We visited our cousin Bob ( who has the brain tumor) and he is deteriorating so bad he can only parrot words and is in a wheelchair. He can’t stand by himself. Thank God he has his partner Bill and constant care when Bill is at work. Saturday I spent the day with my nephew and took Josh Bowling. We had a good time. Sat. night My brother-in-law’s family came in from Michigan and we had a cookout at my sister’s. Oh, I almost forgot, Friday night my sister and I went to a good Tai restaurant to celebrate both our birthdays. We had some wine and there was live music. Tomorrow Elliott and I are going to Central library for a get together with all the library branches. We will have food and watch the fireworks from the top floor.

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Friday, July 01, 2011

vacation in Indiana

A friend from DC came to visit for two days and left this morning. We packed in the action(for old folk anyway) We dropped the dogs off for two days with Kara so we didn’t have to worry about returning early. After we picked him up from the airport’ we headed straight down to Bloomington stopping at the winery for a few samples on the way. the garden is a lovely place to stop for a picnic. Dennis bought three bottles of wine. I hope they made it back in one piece. Following a driving tour of the campus we had lunch at the Irish Lion and then headed to the TC STEELE museum. We happily arrived there just ten minutes before the tour time and found the whole tour to be delightful and eyeopening. Our guide was very enthusisatic about her subject and obviously admired the artist. in the early 1900s. He built this cabin and neglected to make provision for water. Can you imagine cooking without running water? We finished the day by ordering Chinese at home for supper.

Wednesday we did the West Baden Springs and French Lick visit. We took the guided tour of west Baden Springs where again we had an enthusiastic tour guide who really knew her history. I would recommend the 90 minute tour highly. By the end Bill was huffing and puffing but he recuperated with a nap later in the afeternoon. The hotel is just elegant but the grounds suffered a recent flood and the river had overflowed its banks and there was still flooding adjacent to the property. We visted French Lick briefly but none of us enjoy gambling so we didn’t linger. we got to the Morrocan restarant downtown at 7:30 and after dinner drove to meet Kara and the dogs at her office. Dennis left this morning and I spent quite a bit of the day working outside.

I think tomorrow I want to sleep in but may get another load of bricks before the heat kicks in. ..( maybe 3 more trips to get about 72 bricks each time) Garden work is going full tilt. Japanese beetles have arrived in force and every morning I go out and drown several dozen. I think they are quite repulsive and personally resent their annual visit. Then I hunt out raspberries which are not as abundant this year as in past. My brick inventory is nearly complete and I have high hopes that my patio will be built this month between the efforts of the high school fellow I am hiring , John and myself.  I have many extra bricks and plan to put in several paths in the backyard. When it is all finished there will be only a single patch of grass in the middle

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