Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I have to Share this

My Cousin is being cremated so there won’t be a funeral but a Memorial Service at the orchestra Hall in Chicago. I am able to get off of work and go to Chicago on Thursday. I will go with my family and come back Friday, Matt was going to go but he has to go to Morehead State to a sporting event and top find a place to live so when he goes the following week he will have a place.I feel bad he was going to see Jen before he got the job, right before I got there. Now he has to put it off since that is when he is starting his job and moving. Now only Donna and I get to see her.Sorry I won’t be at CC next week but I do plan to go the 22nd.

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Starting a new Post

Since I was # 14 I thought it’s time for a new post. Like I said I would be in favor of having a CC family get together at a park. I definitely remeber the one at my house!! It did happen! I think Carol nust have moved shortly after that so that might be one reason we never had another one. Maureen, I would like to hear more about your Geocahing since we have a project and book here at Glendale. I don’t have the Green light, yet, but I will have some news about Matt.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011


Years ago when we all lived on or near Grandview and our children were all young (as were we)... I seem to remember an occasion - just one in all our time together - that we gathered in Carol Fay’s backyard for a family pitch in dinner.  2 men (who shall remain nameless) have no recollection of this happening.  Does anyone else remember doing it?

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

interviewed by channel 13, today

Mary Mills, from channel 13 came into Glendale to interview patrons on how they feel about Glendale reopening on Fridays. I was one that was interviewed. I also think the camera man taped me helping a patron on the compute. Now what makes it to the TV and what to the Cutting room floor I have no idea. I plan to watch until I have to go to Zumba at 6:00.I get off at 4:30 today so just enough time to go home, set up the VHS and watch while I’m dressing for Zumba. Today the class starts at 6:00 instead of 6:30. It’s so sad that now the death count, from the fair tragedy, is 7! Carol, that is great about Delaney making a meal.

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News Roundup

Other than the earthquake today, I have two bits of news. 

One, I saw a bright green meteor/fireball about 4 am today when I got up to use the bathroom.  We had our windows open, so I glanced outside before I went back to bed and what to my wondering eyes did appear, but this big green ball going across the western night sky from left to right, about 3 seconds till it vanished.  Amazing!  The first time I have seen something like that.

Two, here is the meal that Delaney made for all of us on Sunday (she shopped for her own groceries too):  Cheese Wedge Biscuits, Corkscrew Pasta with Tiny Tomatoes Sauce, Red Potatoes with Garlic and Rosemary, Fresh Green Beans, and for dessert Apple Pie made with Granny Smith apples.  She really worked hard, and didn’t want any help except for using the oven.  These recipes were in a cookbook I have had for many years called “Family Fun Cookbook”.

Other than these things, it is a week as usual!

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

While Waiting for the Rain

We drove instead of riding our bikes… but we went from the Broad Ripple Farmers Market to the Art Museum to see them banding the humming birds. It was fascinating watching him catch the humming bird (after it flew into the cage) and cradle it in the foot of an old pantyhose - determine the sex, age, and then banded it.  We then went to Cord Camera to price new cameras and to Whole Foods… we were a little early for the back to school snack food sampling but there were still other samples…

Still waiting for the rain…

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Maureen, it looks like we are at the Propylaeum - I checked their website - and Sept 22 painting theme is Landscapes!  I have been there several times for afternoon tea - highly recommend that!  Also, do we have any extra slots?  If so, Gloria Worth would like to come.              http://www.occasionsdivine.com/signature/

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Good news

After over a year of earnest job-hunting,  hundreds of applications, many phone interviews, several in-person interviews and lots and lots of prayers, the good news is that Melissa was hired for a job yesterday!  She will be starting September 8, working in the vacation condo/timeshares industry for Bluegreen Corp. as a Senior Vacation Specialist and is very excited to get started!

We are going out to eat with Taylor, Melissa and girls tonight in celebration of this happy event!

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Marsh Triple Coupons

Since Maureen said she missed the last time Marsh did this:  Marsh is offering Triple Coupons up to 99 cents, ($1 ones at face value only) today (Friday) and tomorrow. 

Unfortunately for me, I don’t have that many coupons and only 2 that qualify for tripling!

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bobby is coming home to be a Pallbearer!!

Bobby has a good friend, Brian Bailey. Bobby played baseball with Brian since little league. Brian’s Grandmother just passed away (we called he Grandma Albright) and she came to all the baseball games like Elliott’s Dad used to. Bobby is so close to the family that they are paying to fly him home, from Texas, to go to the funeral and be a Pallbearer. He just happens to be coming in about the same time Jen is, tomorrow. Jen is flying in to go to a Wedding with Matt. She will get to see Matt’s new Diggs( he rented a bedroom from a friend who has a four bedroom house on the Southside of Indy.). I was supposed to make another trip, Friday, to the airport, to take my friend Kitzi but she isn’t coming here right now. instead we are going to Lawrenceberg for a funeral. Sat. I work and Sunday I’m going to Munster with Barb’s Mom. I am going to my nephew’s birthday party and coming home Monday. Then I work four 10 hour days so I can have a three day weekend. I’ll be exhausted on Thursday night. I will probably go swimming and then meet for CC.

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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Segal update

I enjoyed the movie Crazy Stupid love, with Steve Carrell. Judy and I went last week. Then I tried to see Harry Potter but got the time mixed up so just went to lunch with my friend Susie. We will try this Sunday to see HP. Busy at work with the end of SRP. We moved the reading prizes to the reference desk and I’m in charge of ordering the prizes for the next two weeks. I like the new Manager, Melissa even though I do miss Sharon, the old manager. This month my story times theme is flutterby. It has tto do with flying insects and bubbles. Both Bobby and Matt have come to see Glendale and really like the branch. I still am not a permanent Glendale employee and probably won’t know until October!
Bobby made it to his apartment in Texas. He drove, today, from Iowa. He hopes to start his job next week. Matt is moving, from his apartment, in Glendale, to a basement room( he will have his own bathroom and shower) in a four bedroom house on the South side of indy.His current roommate is moving to Florida.
Elliott has had the week off. Friday and some of next week he will be teaching driver’s Ed. He will start NC sports and Subbing Aug. 15th.

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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Back to the routine

With the memorial over ...back to my regular routine and to do list… still have the windows to wash.

On Sunday, the day after the service, I rode 47 miles… took a short cut the last “3 miles” which was really 5 miles.  Dave rode 49… he took the same short cut but at the 8 mile mark Rachel who was ahead of us on a nice long down hill just whizzed through the intersection along with half a dozen other bikers, not seeing the little pink turn arrow.  She stopped after a mile since she didn’t see us and waited… Dave caught up with her and they retraced their route… up hill.  She ended up riding 55 miles… she did not take the short cut.

The hills were horrendous!  But it accomplished what I wanted… totally exhausted me!

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