Saturday, October 29, 2011

Steve’s mom

Steve called me at 4 am this morning (3 am MN time) to say that Liz passed away in her sleep.  The nurse checked her about 12:45 am, and Liz spoke (not sure what she said - maybe just acknowledged the nurse).  Then the next time the nurse came in to check, she had died -but was still warm - so it’s likely she died sometime around 2:30 am.  Very peaceful.  The chaplain was there when Steve and his dad went downstairs to her room, and they stayed with her for about an hour.  The memorial service will likely be next Saturday - tomorrow morning arrangements will be made at Sunset Funeral Home and Cemetery.  This was not unexpected news, but very sudden for sure.

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Thursday, October 27, 2011


Just wondering if there is any movement toward CC tonight?  I am ok with it, but it sounds like next week we could have a better turnout.

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I made my decision

I am staying at Glendale! Sharon, and Delia were really ok with it (manager and Assistant manager at Nora) Sharon was the one that got me to go to Glendale in the first place so she thinks it’s definitely the right decision for me to stay at Glendale. Sue, I took my laptop to Glendale and tried to download to the knook I checked out. I can download from the reference computers but not my laptop. I’m going to try with the other Nook we have at the branch. i’m going swimming with Donna once I leave here. More later.

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Welcome back Sun!

Now that the sun is shining… I see that I should have spent the last few days dusting rather than exercising, shopping, and making bread! Too late now - I’m off to rake leaves! It is 57 in the house… the high today is supposed to be 57.  I am trying to wait until at least the middle of November before turning the heat on - unless of course I host CC!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Honor flight and more

I am finally getting the Picasa album on here - it includes some of the sorting and cleaning out at my folk’s and the Honor Flight etc. 

Here is a neat news story from the local TV station in Rochester:

Here is the link to the Picasa web album: 


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Saturday, October 15, 2011


We went to see the Award Winning Short program last night.  How do they ever select a winner?  They are all so different.  The sound was way too loud for the first film though… the filmmaker for the first film commented on it when he spoke. The presented the awards after the movie instead of doing a Q and A - I was so disappointed because I love the Q and A’s - you learn so much more about the movie. We are going this afternoon to another one and tonight to a 3rd. 

Dave leaves Sunday afternoon, gets back Friday night, leaves Sunday and gets back Friday - I think.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Just home from the airport - Monday 6 pm

I am home briefly to dump out my suitcase, put away the baked goods that Mother sent back with me, then head over to Pilgrim for Poetry Plus.  Mary Ann Grove is speaking tonight (her 3rd visit) on “More Saints and Angels” at 7:30 pm.  I am sorry that I didn’t get the news posted sooner but this past week has been a very full one.  All are welcome to come and hear Mary Ann tonight!

The Honor Flight experience was unbelievable - I will write more about it tomorrow or Wednesday.  On Thursday Steve and I are driving up to Cleveland for Matthew’s birthday, and back on Saturday pm.

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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Sorry I won’t be at Poetry Club

Carol, will you be back by Monday? I talked to MaryAnn and explained I couldn’t get out of doing Family Storytime (I’m really looking forward to it). I’m sorry I’m missing Poetry group and MaryAnn’s talk. She is coiming to Glendale library and we will have an early dinner at Paneras (I’m excited I still get to see her even for a short visit). Sue, I will see you Monday and thanks for coming over to help me. I haven’t heard from Nora yet. I should this coming week.

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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Fun and not so fun

Beautiful weather here since I arrived - 80’s and sunny and peak leaves.  Fun stuff so far:  Oktoberfest and dancing on Saturday night, watching the Vikes (lose) with my dad, seeing “The Help” with my folks, going out to the state park here in New Ulm for a late afternoon picnic, hiking and campfire, going with Mother to her weekly “Knitters” morning coffee (just like CC - no one knits, just talk!).  Not so fun (but very satisfying and Maureen-approved):  cleaning out the the second floor of my folks barn (actually a carriage house that was on the property - a former farm - when my folks built this house in 1970) that had furniture, barrels, boxes and containers full things that were many many years stored.  Also had live mice jumping out of them,old nests, squirrel stashes, etc etc and lots of heaving carrying down narrow turning stairs.  But, lots of old treasures found too - probably every letter that I wrote home (including from when I was at Girl Scout camp for instance, and from going to the U, from our Mpls days, and Indy etc.) Old cards, old clothes, old dishes.  An old sewing machine that belonged to my my dad’s Grandma Miller - dating back to around 1860 or so - I dismantled part of the solid oak stand to keep several boards (put together tongue in groove, and with square nails) that I may have made into a wall shelf.  Anyway, it was a satisfying job.  This morning the Picker Uppers came to haul everything away.  And today we hope to just relax and enjoy the beauty of the day. 

Next up, on Saturday driving over to Rochester (about 2 hours east of New Ulm) to my younger sister’s where more family will gather to be at the Rochester airport that night to welcome home my dad and about 110 other WW II veterans from their Honor Flight to Washington DC that day.  This is the one he was scheduled to go on last May and couldn’t because of his emergency surgery etc.  The family party will continue on Sunday.  On Monday I will fly out of Rochester, back to Mpls, and then on home to Indy. 

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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Great visit in Munster

I had a great time, in Munster, visiting family, going to servaces, eating the holiday meals and having Matt come for Friday night dinner. I stayed over when I found out he was coming for dinner and stayingover night so he could work the Morehead State Valpo game. I left Sat. morn. and went right to work. Then Elliott and I had Brunch with Matt, today. He stopped here, late last night, stayed over and left, after brunch, to go back to Kentucky. Jen will be there this afternoon for a three day visit with Matt. Tomorrow is my Nora interview. I have another short work week since Sat. is Yom Kipper.

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