Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Seattle bound

We are in the Delta sky club, waiting for our flight to board. Nice quiet day here at the airport - but then it usually is!  We are connecting through Minneapolis today, get to Seattle around 7:30 their time. 

Just wanted to say that the 13th works for me.

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Negotiating our next meeting

I can have CC in three weeks (or even next week) but have plans for the evening of Sept 6. Any other dates that should be blocked or is the 13th Thursday ok? We had a delightful weekend. We had a visitor to entertain so of course we had to do stuff. We went to the Indiana medical museum on the Central State Hospital grounds. The tour takes about 45 minutes and is quite interesting unless you are really grossed out by the brain sections. Price will be going up to $7 and there is a twofer coupon in the entertainment book. We went to an Indians game on Friday night and on Saturday headed to Cincinatti. Our son-in-law came too and Kara stayed home and took care of the dogs. We went to a hibachi restaurant for lunch and then the “boys” suffered through an extremely hot baseball game while Morita and I toured the IKEA in air conditioned splendor.I love the pretend homes done up in small vignettes. I spent $4 on curtain rings.  This morning I dug some more garlic and made a little peach freezer jam from peaches from my neighbors tree. any takers for garlic? I still have extra.  Bill took Dennis to the airport and I am trying to catch up on my e-mail.

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Sorry I’ve once again been out of the loop

My Part time Children’s librarian co-worker( the only one that does programs with me! Full time Linda refuses to do programs) just took another medical leave, leaving me holding the bag of programs. We planned two weeks of digital littles we take to Daycares. So iit’s been me, the last two weeks, doing, both baby (Nancy’s program) and preschool storytime, digital littles (with the manager) and other library duties. On top of that we are down another librarian who is planning to be interpreter for Chinese library visiters and then go to China on the Sisters exchange program. One librarian has already gone to Germany. I did get some time for fun. Elliott and I celebrated our 38th Anniversary last weekend ( at Milano Inn) and two days ago I went with Judy and Vicki to celebrate my birthday (a little late) at Hoosier Park. Delicious buffet. We watched horse racing and played slots. Today and tomorrow I’m going to a Children’s Conference at the Marriott East on 21st. Carol, I enjoyed your reunion pic. My Mom broke (again, same foot)her foot, besides fracturing her jaw in a car accident in a Meijer Parking lot. Elliott’s Dad is having more fluid around his lungs. Hope to see you. is it this Thursday?

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Attention Susan

You are next in line for hostessing CC.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Testing Image In Posting

Here is a picture from the Cherrington Family Reunion in July.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Not the kind that have wings and fly, but the stomach kind!  It is “School Eve” for Delaney and Ella, and I can’t help but feel the same way I always did when school was starting the next day.  I guess it is a curious mixture of excitement and dread - a feeling which quickly passes once that first day has ended.

It seems to me that we would go uptown to the Ben Franklin that “day before” and buy our school supplies which consisted of a tablet, 2 pencils, a pink pearl eraser, a box of colors (the 25 count size!) and maybe a schoolbox,  ruler or a little pencil sharpener.  How swell that felt. It was always a bit hard to decide on which tablet to choose - they usually had a big color photo of some movie star on the cover.  And then which color of pencils to buy - the brand was “Onward”.  I don’t remember Mother coming along (we could walk the 3 blocks uptown by ourselves) but maybe she just looked in a different aisle - there were only 3 aisles I think - until it was time to pay.

We took the girls to Culver’s for lunch today, then to Kohl’s for a little last minute school clothes shopping.  They seemed ready for tomorrow and we will eagerly await the report at the end of the day!

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Wednesday, August 08, 2012


We got back from Minnesota Monday night, no worse for the wear!  After being gone 11 days, Delaney and Ella (and Steve and I!) were happy to be home again.  Our two reunions were lots of fun.  The first one was up north at my brother’s - the annual Booya meal made over the ongoing campfire, lots of hiking, river swimming, and even some dancing - all successfully accomplished without any daytime encounters with bears or other wild type things!  (thankfully the bears waited to visit till everyone was asleep)  Then we spent the next week in the cities visiting Steve’s dad and also being tourists smile  We did a nostalgia trip over to Minneapolis and stopped to look at our first apartment bldg, the 3 rental houses and our first purchased home that we had there. This past Sunday we drove down to New Richland for a larger family reunion, visited the church and family graves etc, and stopped to say hi to the Gegel’s (our friends from Indpls who moved to NR and Brian’s the new pastor of my mothers ancestral church there now).  During the week my brother had to have emergency 4 hour surgery - he was riding his motocross cycle and came down hard on his front wheel on a big jump, was thrown ahead onto the gas cap and fractured his pelvis front and rear -  tore the ligaments so bad that the front of his pelvis was spread apart two inches.  He had to be put back together with plates and screws etc and faces a long rehab.  It’s always something.

Things could look worse out in the yard here, but they could also look alot better.  There has been sufficient rain in MN, enough that it looked like the Emerald City - so green and lush, the flowers doing just beautifully.  The crops are gorgeous too.  Quite a contrast to here.

Back to the salt mines.  See you here on the 16th!

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Sunday, August 05, 2012

I Tri (ed)

At 4 AM we were asking why?  At 5 or so the storms came and we continued to pack our gear.  Arrived at the parking garage…driving through areas that were flooded along Meridian and traffic lights out.  By the time we unloaded our bikes.. the storm was over and the race was only delayed 30 minutes.  It really wasn’t bad swimming in the canal but it was hard to swim in a straight line with good form etc.  It was just hard to get a sense of how fast or slow you were swimming whereas biking and running we could.The bike ride took 15 minutes shorter than when I was training ... the run a little longer as I stopped for first aid after I fell crossing New York Street at the 2.2 mile mark!  Up until that time I was going at an 11 minute pace.
Dave was not the last person out… there was one other man - who just happened to be the oldest person in the race…
I have sent people the link to the pictures.  It was nice that Rachel and Zach came to cheer us on…

And yes, we may try another tri!

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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Things to look forward to

So… the canal that I will be swimming in on Sunday - apparently last week someone pushed a porta potty into it.  And of course the weather report is for chance of storms.

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