Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Great Cruise

Sorry I didn’t get to read all the CC news before I left. Just catching up now. I had a great cruise! Just two problems the day I went to Grand Cayman. First everything was going great the first two days at Sea. We enjoyed the food, entertainment, and loved being on the ship! We took a little boat to the Grand Cayman. We enjoyed the Rum factory, Hell and the Turtle Farm but the first problem was at the turtle farm ( 3rd day of the Cruise). I got in the water with the turles and forgot I had my camera slung on my shoulder. When I grabbed it to give to Leslie to take a picture of me holding a turtle the camera was sopping wet and wouldn’t work!! I tried drying it out but it hasn’t worked since then. Leslie took the pictures the rest of the trip and put them on a thumb drive for me. Then when we got to the area where the Stingrays were there were no life jackets and there was a 7 foot drop a few feet before getting to the sandbar where the Stingray were. I can’t swim and the tour guide was already out in the water. He never addressed the possibility that anyone couldn’t swim so I never got to the sandbar. I was really mad and said somethying when he came back to the boat but it was too late. We were leaving. He said I should have said something before everyone left the boat. I didn’t realize until I tried to climb down the latter. I did complan back at the ship. Therest of the Criuse was great. Will tell more At my house on the 9th of May.

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crazy lady worries drivers

I was walking the dogs on Ditch road across from the church and removing litter. I wear a bright yellow vest and my cart has a bright yellow bucket and a yellow bag to catch attention. Apparently some driver was concerned that my dogs or I would leap out into traffic. The police got a call and came to check me out. The cop didn’t have sirens on but he had his lights flashing. I just started laughing when he told me that someone called in that they were concerned about me. I assured him that I was not homeless, lost or wandering away from home.

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Just Wishing

What a lovely gorgeous day we had today!  If it was just a tad bit warmer in the morning it would have been perfect.  Is there anywhere that everyday is like this all year round?
And now that we have had one nice day… back to rain.

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

This and That

I went to the Light Cafe at J Everrett was $7 for a good size salad… mango, lettuce etc…pretty good.  They are open on Wednesday and Thursday until 1 just until the end of April and then they close until next school year if anyone is interested…

As to wedding plans…we really enjoyed meeting Zach’s parents.  Vicky brought mimosas to toast the B & G.  Dave and I left them at the church - they went on to appointments and Dave and I went to Turkey Run for our wine tasting dinner.  The event wasn’t that big of a deal…just dinner with 4 or 5 glasses of wine - no wine education.  In fact the person mispronounced some basic wine names.

The appointments went well.  They have decided on the Scottish Rite, Richard Miller of Rich Weddings (he used to be a photographer for the Star), Tim Fuller as the dj. The caterer will be Thomas Catering of Distinction by default since they are exclusive to the SR.  Of course if we want the drapes etc that make the ball room look more elegant… that means another vendor.  So we are finished that stage and onto dresses!

And… upon our return from Turkey Run - we discovered that Zach had cut the grass for me!  What else can I ask for in a future son in law?

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Niece in the Boston Marathon today

Deirdre posted this on her FB (we also had texts from her brother, and Matthew and Taylor had been in touch with her afterwards):

Just want everyone to know I am physically ok. I was right next to the bombs as they went off and saw some horrible horrible things. I obviously did not finish… Was around the 26.1 mile mark. My hearing in my left ear is not good but I am physically ok. Please pray for those that I saw only feet from me badly badly hurt. Thankful I’m ok.

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

garden guide training

Today I shadowed a tour for the second time. Our guide is on the board of directors at IMA.  Quite a flamboyant figure with his leather slacks and huge amethyst ring which matched his shirt and tweed jacket. One flower he pointed out as a must to remove and darn if I don’t have a clump in my yard. I have lots to do in the yard and as always not quite enough energy to tackle all the musts. so I came home and took a nap. I see the cardiologist this week.

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Tuesday, April 09, 2013


My, we have all been quiet lately…or busy?!  We had a nice Easter, and now with the warmer temps I have been outside doing some yard and garden work. 

Carol Fay, are we meeting at your house this Thursday night, the 11th?

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