Friday, June 28, 2013

Home again

We are back (and baked - haha - it was 100 degrees on Wed, our last full day) from Albuquerque.  Great time and visit with Aunt Margo and her stepdaughter and husband.  Also Steve saw Aunt Patty in the memory care facility and she eventually did remember who he was.  Always a good experience to see how different it is in other parts of the USA as it certainly is in New Mexico.  Funny thing - Ella who loves the huge and scary roller coaster rides, did not especially like the mountain experience!  She didn’t feel safe even looking at some of the taller ones and made her feel queasy!  We saw the gigantic smoke plumes coming from the big forest fire in the mountains by Santa Fe and that was sad.  Enjoyed lots of southwest style meals (washed down with some really good local wines!) and good sightseeing in and around Albuquerque and up to Santa Fe.  But always thankful to return home safely with the girls!

Now it’s back to setting things straight here before I leave again for Minnesota on the 6th.  That week will be sort of a science fair, but I will try to keep a cool head and enjoy each event and all the driving I’ll be doing even after I get up there.

Everyone have plans for Independence Day?

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sue and Barb know some of this

Hi Ladies,
  I had a great visit with Bobby, Rachel, Matt, my parents and Josh, Sunday. Elliott and I went to the cemetary, to check our grandparents graves, had lunch with my Mom, Matt and Josh, went to the baseball game to see Bobby coach ( he waved in the tying and winning run)!! The stress of the day was when Jacki called to say Honey bolted out their front door and they couldn’t find her. Later she called back to say someone put her in the backyard!! When we got home, around midnight, I had five messages!! Two girls Found Honey at 62nd and Michigan!! They called the Sheltie Rescue number on her collar!! Sue More told the girls where I lived and to put her in the backyard. Jackie got Honey so Sue couldn’t get me and made a special trip, from Greenwood. She was concerned when she didn’t see Honey. Happy ending but stressful. I did get Rachel’s list, for the Bridal Shower. Now Judy and Barb are trying to book a Venue for Sept. 29th. Bobby is working on the Wedding Website. Do Rachel and Zach have a wedding Website yet?? Bobby said he was checking into the rehearsal dinner. He checked places in Evansville when the picked the Wedding Venue. He likes an italian Restaurant. Plans are movie along.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Be Honest, what do you think?

We are having a really hard time with the wedding Guest list!! Since Bobby and Rachel have so many friends they are working on cutting their list and I being the Groom’s side definitely have to cut. I would love to include all of you and I have cousins and friends I have to cut. One friend, who has all boys, said she had the same trouble and had a reception for friends she couldn’t invite, Unfortunately with the Seattle wedding and our Wedding, being in Evansville, we can’t afford a reception. How would the four of you feel if I envited you to the bridal shower Luncheon, even though I can’t invite you to the Wedding?? I know that’s unusual and if it doesn’t feel right tell me. I really want all of you to meet Rachel but I understand if this isn’t proper etiquette. Let me know what you think? Then I will ask my friends and cousins I have to cut from my list, besides you.

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Maureen’s idea

thinking about your “advice” idea which we vetoed and it seems that the shower would be the more logical time to spring this on Rachel. (don’t want to write out any details just in case Rachel reads this website) Desert was refreshing last night. Thanks for hosting. See you all next month. We will be spending tomorrow afternoon with Kara’s in-laws. Kara rode her bike to work (and back) with Charlie in the cart behind. He hopped right in like he knew what to do.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Good and Bad News

You are right, ladies, when you say aging parents doesn’t get easier!! My Mom is soo worried about my Dad she is having high Blood pressure problems on top of all her pain. The Dr.s say my dad is losing blood and anemic but they don’t know where he is losing blood. I was planning to help them last week, since I had a three day weekend, but jumped over a curb in the Glendale Parking lot. I ripped my front tire and did damage underneath the car. I also pushed in the fender and the car had to be towed. Godd news was our visit with Rachel and Bobby. They had a freat trip and enjoyed the wedding in the Caribbean!! Their plans are finally moving forward. Rachel’s Mom came home. They picked out a wedding gown and put a deposit on a venue in Evansville. I am even starting to plan a bridal shower by picking a date the hostesses can work with. more later.

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Monday, June 03, 2013

Eastward bound

We leave on Wednesday morning for Baltimore, connecting through Atlanta - then staying in a hotel not too far from where Matthew and Davie live.  Delaney and Ella are eager to see the guys and of course to get in on the activities planned.  We hope to get to D.C., the ocean, Hershey Park, and Baltimore’s inner harbor.  Delaney still remembers when we got on the same water taxi as the Reno’s!!  The other thing we are hoping for is decent weather, the forecast has some good days and some rain too. 

See you all at Maureen’s on the 13th!

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