Sunday, July 28, 2013

Had a great day in Evansville

Donna and I were sofared around by Rachel. She went to four Rehearsal Dinner Venues with us. We did some tasting and had lunch at one. Rachel took us by the Wedding Venue. It was closed but we saw the outside. It’s very pretty. Bobby is going to check out the two restaurents and hopefull pick the one I want ( time is better and it’s cheaper).Then we can put down a deposit. Since we are not meeting for a long time we will have to keep in touch by website or email. Hope all of you are having a great weekend. I saw two movies, Girl Most Likely and Reds 2. I enjoyed both. I worked Saturday, last day of summer reading. I was off today. I did Tai Chi, rode my bike and laundry.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Did I tell you Rachel and Bobby’s Shower is now Sat.?

Holly Hock discourages Bridal Showers on Sunday so the Hostesses changed it to Sat. Sept. 28th. More info to follow. I am going to Evansville, Saturday, to check on Venues for the Rehearsal Dinner. Donna is going with me and Rachel will help us get around Evansville. I might be late, Thursday but I hope to be at CC.Saw the movie The Lone Ranger, Sunday. The ending was great but the movie was too long and draggy. Really enjoyed the Movie All You Need is Love, at Landmark Arts.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Phoenix Report

I had wonderful Grandma time in Phoenix.  The baby is doing so well and is already 7lb 11 oz.  She is alert and responding to voices, has almost found her thumb.  She is certain to be a thumb sucker like her Dad.  What a joy to be there while she was so small.  I go back in August. 

And a surprise arrived from Susan while I was there—how thoughtful of you to think of them and the baby!  They are certainly off to a good start and what fun to put on all the pretty little outfits - so glad it’s a girl!

Hope to see everyone next Thursday, the 18th, at my house.

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Sunday, July 07, 2013

Summer Continues

Just thought I’d start a new post since the last one is titled Home Again and Carol is ... Gone Again.  It has taken awhile but I’ve finally decided to ignore the weather and do what I would if it were nice… so 4 miles into my walk I called Dave to come get me - standing under a tree trying to stay dry! 
Carol Fay… watching the fireworks from the library sounds like a great place to view them… a great perk of your job.
Off to the Y… yoga, walk the Monon, and swim in the rain…

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