Saturday, August 24, 2013

apples; come & pick ‘em

Limit of 50 pounds/picker(Just kidding if you could use more you can have them). I have an excellent ladder. My trees have never been this loaded. The branch that tore down had at least 50 apples on it. I made apple butter last night…very easy overnight in the crock pot. Of course I have been eating raw apples and fried apples. Tomorrow I will dig out the dehydrator and get to work. This morning Kara and I enjoyed saling. I spent less than $10 for a morning full of fun…but still no bike accessories.

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Just got back from a nightmare in Munster

We almost lost my Mom, Sat. night! Nancy said she couldn’ walk without help and seemed over medicated. Dad couldn’t wake her when he got home so called ambulance. She had a Seizure in the hospital and was on a ventilator. Her sodium was down to 60 and it’s supposed to be 140. Potassium was also very low. When Elliott and I went to Munster, Sunday, we celebrated half of our Anniversary Day in the hospital. we did go to the baseball game to see Bobby once Mom was stable and sleeping. Dad was with her and we went back after the game. I stayed for three days to help. I had to come back today and work some before I leave, next Wed. for Seattle and the Wedding. Mom is going home today but will need some Healthcare at home. It turned out Mom was right to cancel going to the Wedding. I hope she is ok in Dec. for Our wedding. Not sure about Elsie either.. I hope all of you are enjoying your traveling.

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We are enjoying our trip to Alaska. ..planning another trip her next summer especially since they cancelled our cruise! We’ll be home earlier than planned but still had a good 10 days vacation!

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Long Day

The neighbor on Mccullough who does granite said he would be here this morning. I neglected to ask for a time estimate but I remember them leaving from his house at 10:00 some mornings so figured 10:00. Being excited I woke very early (6:30) and they weren’t here until 10:30. I worked out in the yard for several hours so I could stay nearby. The dogs were agitated and barking a lot. fir most of the day I kept them hooked up to the leash in the yard. The counters and the tile back spash look lovely.  He still needs to install the new faucet (which arrived today at 2:30); to put in a new disposal and to grout the tile. At 6:30pm he said he would finish up tomorrow. After he left I noticed that the refrigerator wasn’t running. The outlet where the cover had been removed isn’t working nor is the other kitchen counter outlet but even more strangely the alarm system is indicating that it is having electrical problems. I sure hope he can fix everything. My next projects will be to strip the wall paper and make decisions about the floor. Always something.

We talked on Skype to John yesterday. he called from the pub after work. It was fun to see and hear him.

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Elsieism and Shower invites.

Rachel asked me to find out which type of corsage the grandmothers want, wrist or pinned. Elsie wanted me to ask if Jackie can have one and she would pay!! Rachel’s Mom asked, what’s the Deal? It’s only for Bridal party that they are getting corsages. I said “It’s ELSIE, or GRANNY"LOL!  Also the shower invitations are going out today. My Mom’s Dr, told her she shouldn’t go to Seattle ( blood pressure problems to name one) so I am scambling to change Seattle hotel reservations. Always something. We will miss her not being there but we sure don’t want her to get sick on the trip. We are going to Munster, Gary, Sunday, to see Bobby coach a baseball game and celebrate our Anniversay. Enjoy your weekend. My sister text that my Dad is in the hospital with a kidney stone. Hopefully they can take care of it fast.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

End of Summer

I have a few minutes as we are waiting for the taxi to take us to the airport.  It seems as if it is the end of the summer!  It will be Sept. and the outdoor pool will be closed when we get home and before you know it the holidays will be here!  Life is going too fast… I am not looking forward to the plane ride, hauling luggage, changing hotel rooms, and sorting through the mail when I get home… but I am looking forward to time with Dave, the scenery, and breakfast on our balcony on days that we are just cruising!
Enjoy August!

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Boy gone

John left this morning. We are sad but I consoled myself with a shopping trip to St. Luke’s for a $5 bag sale. I find shopping therapy to be quite cheering. For $7 I got a pretty blouse for myself; a shirt for Bill; two pair of shoes for Kara; several items of children’s clothing for the sweeties I buy for and ten ties for the Christmas box that I give to John and Al. My niece’s kids are so cute and appreciative of the things I bring to them The little girl(going into third grade) announced: I am going to wear the ski jacket tomorrow. We told her that she could if it snowed and for a few minutes she was ok with that. Then she thought and said she wanted to wear it even if it didn’t snow. Sorry Maureen no bike themed items yet.

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Saturday, August 03, 2013

Taking Elsie out tonight.

Today would have been Elsie and Al’s 66th Anniversary so Jackie’s family and we are Elsie to MCL. She seemed happy about going out with us so it’s hard to know how the dinner will go. Our cable lines were cut, by the landscaper, Thursday. Comcast finally came out, today, to repair them. Luckily it was just Phone, TV and computer we had to do without. Summer Reading is officially over as of 5 today. it will be nice to be back to normal. It’s a happy time but physically it’s exhausting.Hope all of you have a nice weekend. I work tomorrow but I am off Tuesday and plan t0 $2 Tuesday at the Fair. Can’t wait. I haven’t gone in at least 3 years.

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