Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Wedding plans need new vocabulary

Shana will be an attendant for a former college roommate. Her friend is marrying another woman. the bridesmaids are wearing teal dresses and her friend is having a guy in a suit and Shana stand up for her. so Shana is wearing a the same dress but in grey. Her friend is not the bride but a…? And Shana is not a groomsman but a…?

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

So much going on.

Elliott, Jackie and their Mom finally got together to work out a double tombstone, put it up and now are planning the stone dedication for Al, in Dec. Bobby is upset because Elsie chose a weekend he is in Florida but hopefully it will work out. Jackie, Judy and I are planning to start the Rehearsal dinner invitations this weekend. I bought them Monday. Now Bobby and Rachel have to confirm a time so I can fill them out. I got a wedding dress, with the help of my Mom and Sister. It needs a tuck in the shoulder straps but the legnth is perfect. The end of the month I have to decide on the RH dinner menu. My sister insists on doing a Sunday breakfast for out of town guests (it could be a couple hundred). She is thinking trays brought into a hospitality suite. We will see as it gets closer. Exciting but definitely stressful.

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Saturday, November 09, 2013

A Beautiful Day

I almost forgot how to log in it has been so long since I posted!  Great weather today - wouldn’t mind more of it!  I did wash and put away the gazebo furniture which was sad…
Had a good time at the Penn State game with some of my cousins last weekend and will be seeing Kevin and Jen this coming weekend - leaving Thursday.
Have we figured out who is hosting the next CC?  If no one else can do it… I’ll volunteer for the Nov 21st…the week after is Thanksgiving.  Or we can wait until Dec 5th.

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