Saturday, January 25, 2014

someone must have something interesting to report

The best I can do: we went to see American Hustle; Bill will be fitted for his new eye Tuesday; the dogs had their teeth cleaned in Noblesville($80 v. 250 at regular vet) and I hit the 20% off sale at Big Lots today. Surely someone can top that.

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Friday, January 10, 2014

Next Step

The cast is off and stitches are out…and rehab begins.  I can twist my arm to type if I sit with my arms straight out.  If I pull my elbow into my side - like you normally do when you type…can’t do that.  Also need to work on getting my thumb to touch the base of my pinkie.  The good news is that I can swim with the splint on…just let my arm flow through the water rather than be aggressive though.

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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

About Thursday

So, I am willing to host but our driveway is impossible at the moment.  Unless it thaws by tomorrow, you will not be able to park in the driveway and safely get out again.  There really isn’t room on the street to park either with the snow buildup.  I am leaving for Phoenix next Thursday, but could have it on the 23rd, or is there a volunteer to have it tomorrow night?

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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Snow storm pics

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Monday, January 06, 2014

Snowed in

Library was closed yesterday and today. It feels good to relax and can’t get motivated to get anything done except phone calls, playing on my cell, meals and watching TV. Wedding was a dream and we sure lucked out weatherwise. A few small glitches I will mention if we can get together Thursday. One big problem is Honey has separation ANIETY! She had a big blowout at the vet and when we brought her home she made all over the carpet again. We are giving her rice, food, pumpkin and medicine. We are supposed to board her again this weekend so we can go to a Bat Mitzvah in Longrove,Ill. We will see between that and the weather. The Newlyweds had an awesome Honeymoon but can’t get back to Evansville. The fight from Atlanta was cancelled yesterday. They are on standby today and hopefull do have a flight out tomorrow if not today. I really love being a Mother in-law and so far love Rachel’s family. They are very warm to my friends and family as well as Elliott and me. Theresa called, New Years to see how Matt was. The day after the wedding he got stomach flu. Jen really tried to bond with the family. She talked to everyone and told me She really wants to be close to Rachel and Bobby as well as Elliott and Me. Barb was able to come but didn’t want to leave her Mom two nights so she only came to the wedding and ran back home. Her Mom is slowly adjusting to Hooverwood. How are all of you enjoying being snowed in? I do plan to weed out some

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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Minnesota and back and back again (for Steve)

We flew up to Minnesota in the wee hours of Christmas morning, rented a van and drove down to my folks in interesting weather - but we made it in time for the afternoon family party.  It had been 16 years since we were there for Christmas and it was very special to gather with my family again.  Delaney and Ella came along with us and they thought it was pretty grand.  Steve went back up to the cities on the 26th to be with his dad on his 90th bday, then drove back to New Ulm to fetch us on the 27th and we all went back up to spend several days with his dad.  We marked bday and Christmas with Marshall as well and then flew back here to Indy on Monday night.  We no sooner got in the door when Steve go a call from his dad - he had fallen, gone to ER and also found out earlier that day that he has a tumor on his bladder.  So Steve flew back up there early yesterday morning again and will stay there till surgery and afterwards. 

Looking forward to catching up with everyone at Kate’s on the 9th!

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Happy New Year gratitude

Our website is back working in time for our exciting New Year posts. Thank you Steve for our blog. We all have much to be grateful for and our longtime group is on the lengthy list. Blessings including: surviving to qualify for senior discounts; having healthy adult children who continue to include us in their lives and earning adequate financial resources for a decent living.
We had a quiet New Year and turned in early. My landline is not working but I can be reached by cell or email. John returned Sunday and we had a mostly lovely visit…details at cc about the mostly qualifier. May we all be blessed with excellent health fo the New Year.

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