Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wedding Week

Finally - I am sure you are as glad this week is here as much as I am - wedding plan conversation does get old. We went to Zach’s graduation on Sunday - a MD degree doesn’t really mean anything.  He can’t practice until he gets his license and he can’t get his license until he finishes his residency - talk about long term goals!
I started having mixed feelings about the wedding/reception when I realized that they have been living together for almost 2 years.  After the ceremony - they will just go back to what they have been doing for the last 2 years - nothing really changes, it just back to the same old same old routine.  How sad - do couples realize what they deprive themselves of?  So then I wondered if I should have stood by my convictions - Oh well, it’ll celebrate them making it legit and will be a reason to get family together.

Everyone have a great week and see you Saturday.  The bride lines up at 2:20.

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

dogs following me

With the small edge of my tongue paralyzed I chew very slowly and swallow small bites. By the time I eat one muffin I am full. I have lost three pounds in three days..maybe I can write a book on weight loss. The dogs are nervous about letting me out of their sight and follow me through the house. I am mostly sleeping and haven’t felt the need to do anything else.I am not in any pain, just tired.

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Susan I answered good new to the same post Kathy did.

I looked back at your normal post. That’s what I responded to, like Kate. Sorry I didn’t read the stroke post but I was not responding to that. You made me feel bad!! I will try to keep up. My Day off was bad. A friend I was supposed to walk with and go to lunch called and assumed I knew her Husband had a heart attack Monday. She assumed Cory told me since he is now working at St. Vincent and saw her husband. I felt bad about that. Then Jacki called and said Elsie was in horrible pain fron her fall on Wednesday.Elliott and I were in the ER with Elsie from 3:30 till 9:30 pm. She took an xray but had to give her morphine for pain then wanted to send her hom because the xray showed mild fracture. the Dr. said the hospital doesn’t keep a person over night for a mild fracture. That freaked out Elsie and the stress caused her seizures so she couldn’t get the words to come. her regular Neuroligist checked in on her and told us they will keep her a couple of days so we will probably go back to the hospital tonight unless improvement was major this morning.Then my sister left a message that Mom is abusing Dad and telling people he is abusing her (all verbally). I came to work today to rest up from my long day off!!!

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

CC at my house this Thursday

Bill will be gone to church group. I have a vascular surgeon appointment Thursday morning so desert may be in the form of a Trader Joe’s delight.

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Monday, May 12, 2014

I’ll try again

How were all your Mother’s Day? My weekend was great. Sat. Donna and Shel took me on a PreBirthday outing to Amish country ( Middlebury, Shipshewana, etc) it was fun! We went shopping, had a great Buffet Lunch and I got to drive a buggy with a horse named Bob! We saw a restaurant called Carol’s Corner and I got out to take a picture of Carol’s Buggy. Carol the owner came out and gave me a Carol’s Corner t shirt. Pictures to come.
Sunday we didn’t have any children but did go to Le Peep with Elsie, Jackie and Leroy. Had a good day until I talked to my Mom. She had brain scan and it said she did have Mini strokes. She talks non-stop. Some of what she says makes sense but some soesn’t and is upsetting. More at CC if we have it.

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Friday, May 09, 2014

Not so fast with the normal

In preparation for my fairly routine procedure on Wednesday I had to discontinue some of my blood thinner. Apparently this was not such a good idea. Although the surgery was a success the patient had a stroke!!! Yes you read that right. when I woke up on Thursday morning my left arm was totally numb,hanging there like dead weight and not responding to orders such as pull open the door.. Between my experience as a speech pathologist and daughter of a stroke survivor I immediately diagnosed the problem. I woke Bill up to say let’s go to the emergency room I’m having a stroke.By the time we got there the arm was starting to return to normal. My voice was strange too. The first test I took was a CAT scan of the brain and didn’t show any problems. The doctor doing the workup said good news things look normal maybe I just pinched a nerve while I slept on it. But bad news I had to stay for more tests. It took St.V’s two days to verify that I had indeed had a mini stroke. An MRI on my brain revealed two tiny spots (blood clots). My heart looks fine but I may need a further procedure to clean out my carotid artery in a few weeks. I just got home today at 4:00 and have no restrictions on activity. If one gets to the emergency room within an hour or two of onset they can give a clot busting drug but when one wakes in the morning they don’t know for sure how long ago the stroke actually started.  Meanwhile I am still waiting for pathology results of Wednesday’s procedure. The doctor said if it ever happens again that I need to return to the 86th street campus. He said an ambulance will drive past the Carmel hospital to get to 86th street.  It’s always something.

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Saturday, May 03, 2014

I’m normal

Well at least my heart arteries are!!! I have been spending lots of time at St. V’s in preparation for my upcoming procedure. Wednesday was ekg during a visit to the cardiologist. Thursday was the nearly two hour preop visit where they typed my blood and went over my med history and instructions as to meds I should discontinue and when. Then Friday morning I had the nuclear treadmill and heart scan. The delightful but somewhat surprising outcome is that all my arteries are currently in good shape. Between my improved diet(not that that was in evidence at at our Thursday meeting…thanks Carol Faye.) and medications things are going well.
the yard is starting to get into shape. I am starting lots of seeds in anticipation that spring is actually here. I have a little shelf/greenhouse that I am putting most seeds into. I never seem to do well planting seeds in the ground. I have LOTS of garlic greens to pull so if anyone wants to try adding them to your salads or stirfries stop by before Wednesday. Also have plenty of garlic to replant and grow for the fall. One apple tree is loaded with flowers and the other has no blooms at all.

Maureen how was the mini?

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