Monday, December 29, 2014

Outing Anyone?

The IMA is showing the movie FARGO…in January, outside.  A special note to Carol…if you can prove you are from Minnesota you get special treatment and prizes…

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Festivities Begin!

The Baltimore Boys arrived yesterday afternoon.  Ella came over and stayed the night - she and Uncle Matthew had a big old time!  Now she, Matthew and Davie have gone out to be with Taylor and Delaney in Fishers.  Fun and games all this next week till the boys go back to MD on Saturday 27th.  They haven’t been home for Christmas for 4 years so this is a treat!

We will go to 4 pm church on Christmas Eve, Ella is in the program and has a solo to sing.  Then the girls will be with their mom and grandparents that evening, and the rest of us here for dinner.  Christmas Day everyone will be here for brunch, gifts and afternoon dinner!  What a whirlwind!

Maureen, I am happy that you are feeling the Christmas spirit!  Your kitchen sounds lovely!!

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Carol forgot to show us all the products she uses for her hair when we were there! Next time…

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Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Busy Day

Kara has a three year old darling girl. I went to visit this afternoon and fell in love. She still has visitation with her parents but the social worker seems to think the parents’ rights are likely to be revoked. If that is the case Kara would adopt. It will all take a long time so we are trying to not get crazy. I am baby sitting Friday night.

Went to the IU North breast cancer survivors’ celebration tonight. They had a lovely spread of food and a two piece music group. It was fun as I was with several people from my Y support group. A couple of us danced even. (I was one of them)

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The floor was supposed to be installed Monday - the workman were supposed to come at noon.  When I got home from the Y the workmen next door said the flooring people showed up at 9:15 - good thing I left a tad early for the Y or else I would have had to give up my workout….I do have my priorities! So of course this pushes everything back a day…  I did clean the cabinets and cut new shelf paper.  It was great to be able to vacuum behind the drawers and walls of the cabinets since the counter top is off.
We ate breakfast at Good Morning Mama’s on 54th street Saturday morning - the outside is a bright yellow - no need for coffee to wake you up!  Sunday we ate at Tulip du Noir - sweet potato waffles.

Thursday there is a program at the Art Museum that Dave and I are going to - free.  50 artists will draw in 1 hour periods and hang their art at the end of each hour - everything is $35.  On Saturday the Art Center in Broad Ripple will also have their art fair.

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Friday, December 05, 2014

Charming Evening

Thank you Kate for a charming celebration of our 30th year of friendship. Your gift is delightful and we will all wear them with delight.
  Speaking of delight:  Tonight Kara is getting a three year old girl who may be available for adoption. T he parents currently still get weekly visitation so adoption is an uncertainty. She is warily excited about getting her. Christmas will be fun with a young child to buy for.

Bill had a crown fall off today at lunch. We continue to rack up our deductibles.

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