Thursday, June 30, 2016

This is my idea of summer

Carol, Susan, and I had an enjoyable time in the gazebo last night…the weather these last few days has been perfect!  Hopefully the forecast for the 4th is wrong and it is just as pleasant. 
Susan..thank you for the rose…it is opening today.
Carol…their were several good clues in the puzzle of this morning’s Buyer’s Edge ...track placements,it may be proper, goes out, principal pipes…
I spent the morning doing the puzzle and then rode my bike the long way to the Y - 10 miles

Hope everyone has an enjoyable 4th weekend

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Thursday, June 23, 2016


The Storm came later than anticipated but when it arrived it really announced its presence. The hail was bad enough but the constant lightning was creepy. Don’t think we had any damage here but I imagine some did. I went for blood tests today and was extremely pleased wth a total cholesterol of 115. Between diet and mess I should be able to avoid a heart attack. CF try lots of deep breathing to stay calm.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

And Life Was Going so Well

The results of a biopsy from a mole came back as melanoma.  The lab reported that it was not deep so no lymph node involvement.  I was very fortunate - one reason for annual check ups.  Melanoma is a deadly cancer!  i have a meet and greet with a plastic surgeon at I U Med Center on Monday who specializes in melanoma.  He will have their pathologist review the slides to confirm and then determine if he can do another excision for to check for clean margins under a local anesthetic or if would need to be outpatient, if he can close with stitches or if a skin graft is needed - and all this for a regular looking mole about the size of the pencil eraser… The surgery will be late July since he is going to be gone…

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Black raspberries ready for picking

Mornings are best to avoid mosquitos and heat. I advise long sleeves and long pants. Picking should be good for two weeks or so.

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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Summer is Here!

Despite the heat, we still had breakfast and dinner in the gazebo - with the shade, breeze, and fan it l was pleasant. You could say we ignored the heat - went for a 30 mile bike ride up the Monon. The shade made it a pleasant ride - whenever we hit open stretches the heat was horrible.  Our first stop at mile 5 was to drop off our gym bag at the Y, our next stop was at mile 15 to eat the snack we brought at Grant Park in Westfield.  Mile 20 we stopped at SoHo Cafe just past Main St in Carmel for a spinach and peach smoothie and a salad, then onto mile 25 at the y where I pulled off the bike shorts and wiggled into the bathing suit.  After swimming and a shower the key was trying to ride the last 5 miles home without working up a sweat.
We did a favor to the high school graduate who has cut our grass for the past 4 years when we have been on vacation and listened to his sales pitch on knives - and ended up buying several Cutco knives - our contribution to his college education.
Then Adam and Gena came over for dinner - cold pasta salad with oranges, asparagus, mint, and feta cheese, sugar snap peas, watermelon and they brought a nice white wine.  For dessert - flourless chocolate cake, iced coffee, and another bottle of wine - blackberry.
Don’t know how active I will be on Sunday since Saturday didn’t end until way past my bedtime…

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Thursday, June 02, 2016

News from Carol Fay/ CC change for June 8

Carol called me tonight - she had to go back up to her folks, as her dad had a stroke and is hospitalized.  As of now she may or may not be back for CC next week, but said to go ahead and plan to meet at the Starbucks at 86th and Ditch at 7:30 pm instead of at her house.  She hopes to be back in town by then.  I think she will update us all when she knows more.

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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

lovely evening

Sitting in a gazebo with iced coffee and lemon meringue pie is the vacation I was meant to have. With only three of us there was still no lack of conversation. Thanks Maureen. I had Kat over for four hours this morning to work on the yard. Still lots to do but it keeps me going when I have another worker to keep me company.

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