Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Feels like Spring!

Hope to see you all at Susan’s tomorrow night!

I am happy for this mild weather after last week in Minnesota.  We had an icestorm, 2 snow storms and below zero weather.  And I had to drive distances during the icestorm and both snowstorms!  Flying was not great on this trip either….had “mechanical problems” on the way up and on the way back!  7 hour delay at Indy airport and then 4 hour delay in the cities when I returned last Friday. 

Now I am looking forward to leaving in 3 weeks for Honolulu, even though it will be spring here! 

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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

cc Thursday

Hope to see you at my house. I had a lovely weekend at June’s. We played bridge in three sessions. Bill really enjoyed having Kara stay with him while I was gone. He was feeling well enough that they went out to Donatello’s in Camel. He ate meat.

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Monday, February 19, 2018

A Taste of

It was so nice to experience a taste of spring while in Gainesville these past 9 days! While the weather was not perfect everyday, no day was a complete washout or waste of time. Monday, the rainiest of days we used to prep the 3 dinners we made while there. Dave got more exercise than I did…he’d run in the morning and then do a 5 mile walk with me at 7:30. We would then bike or do another walk later in the day. We did go to the beach one day. Dave had to hold me down in my seat once we boarded the plan to be sure I didn’t run off.  The weather forecast there for this week is sunny everyday and 80’s! If we had stayed longer we would have had time to do chores at my sister’s…maybe paint “my” room etc…
Only good thing about coming back…we will see Calvin this weekend.  The times between visits are getting longer….17 days this time!
Looking forward to our next CC

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Saturday, February 03, 2018

Thanks Maureen

Susan and I were the attendees at Maureen’s for CC on Thursday night…I was happy to get updated on the latest news they shared!  Good for Susan to get away for a week of Bridge and warmer temps! And Maureen, looking forward to more of Calvin and then a Florida trip too!  I am going up to Minnesota again on February 15 to visit my folks in New Ulm, and celebrate my dad’s 93rd birthday on the 16th!

We talked about getting together the last week of February on the 28th or else March 1.  Susan will let us know!

Keep in touch, everyone!

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