Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Jen went in at 9:30 this morning

Matt text and said Jen went to the hospital this morning. She is in labor but doesn’t have any idea how long she will be in labor. This Baby is taking her time to come out and see the world. We are really excited, can you tell!!LOL Since the baby is coming past the due date Matt and Jen want Elliott and I to wait to go to St. Louis to visit. They want some time alone with the baby. We will have more time with Bobby and family. Baby update will follow this.

Posted by CarolFay on 03/06 at 03:34 PM
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Friday, March 02, 2018


My husband fell for a scam today that they would fix his computer online. At first he would not believe me that it was not legit and I had to call Kara and have her tell him. I think I stopped it in time from doing damage.  Today he started his low fiber diet:  Chicken noodle soup and mac and cheese. I had to finish off last nights dessert because it had whole grains in it. Tomorrow I have to go shopping for white bread. I am cooking two different meals.

Posted by Susan on 03/02 at 09:16 PM
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