Saturday, July 21, 2018

Thank you Susan!

A very nice evening at Susan’s….wow, so much new information!  Congrats to Kate on purchasing a most grand and gorgeous home in Phoenix!  It will be enjoyed for many years!  Also to Maureen on the pretty much certain purchase of a lot and a new home which will be built on it in Cincinnati!  Fresh and new and wonderful homes for you both!!  Susan, lots to think about if you stay or if you go….I have the sense you will end up staying put in Indianapolis for the foreseeable future…  Then huge congrats to Barb for the new grandchild on the way down in Texas!  You are a wonderful Grandma I am sure, and this new one will bring so much joy!!

I am glad to say that Steve is improving more and more each day - he drove for the first time today in 5 weeks!  Our landscaping project begins next week - everything new all across the front, and a paver front entry too.  The back deck, new sidewalks etc will begin after the 15th of August.

We missed you Carol Fay….hope to see you next time at Barb’s - possibly on July 31st.

Going to celebrate Ella’s birthday tomorrow after church.  She will be 15 on Monday the 23rd!!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

July already….

Happy July to you all…  hope everyone is staying cool and enjoying summertime!

Steve is progressing, can get up out of his chair nearly on his own now…but still so many things he cannot do for himself.  I am pretty much housebound for the time being…it was so great to have Matthew here for the first 2 weeks.  Only about 5 more weeks to go till Steve’s hip should be fully functional again!

Susan, how are things going with your daughters assisting with the project??  Some things are easy to be rid of, and other things not so much….

What did you find out about the housing situation in Maureen?  If you build, do you have to choose from an existing floor plan?

Kate…any new possibilities in Phoenix?

Looking forward to seeing everyone in another week!

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Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Hip hip hooray

Took Steve to his 2 week followup this morning - all looked good - got the 30+ staples removed, xrayed the hip (wow, that is quite a contraption they nailed in there haha!)  and consulted with Dr. Hupfer.  It’s been a hard 2 weeks, lots of pain and discomfort, totally helpless….needing help for everything!  Will be using the walker for at least 2 more weeks, then a cane for 2-4 more. Thankful that Matthew was here for 12 days after surgery…he flew back to Florida yesterday.

No plans for the 4th, may have the Fishers fam here for supper…

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