Wednesday, January 23, 2019

CC on Thursday…I may be late

I will probably be a little late to Kate/Amy’s on Thursday.  Ella’s show choir has a preview concert at 7 pm at Fishers HS, and I plan to go see her.  They are hosting a show choir competition at the school on Saturday.

So I hope I don’t miss too much news if I am late!  I will get there asap!

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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Sorry I haven"t been on the website

I can’t believe it’s 2019. We haven’t seen the kids since Thanksgiving.Facetime helps. We have tried to plan a weekend, this month, to go to St. Louis but the weather and Elliott’s work schedule has stopped us from going. Now We have to see what Jen’s Spring training schedule is since she doesn’t have a replacement yet. Exciting news. Bobby and Rachel asked me to go with them to Florida with the family. Theresa is going also. They are staying a week and my Manager said he could work it out so I can go!! It’s the end of March. The beginning of March we are going to St. Louis for Audrey’s first birthday. All three kids are sick this week. Lilly had a fever of 104. THey took her to the Emergency room last Friday. It’s an Upper respitory infection. Asher caught her cold. Then Audrey got sick over the weekend. It’s definitely winter.

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Monday, January 21, 2019

Winter update

Thanks for all of your news Maureen and Susan….  Travels in the wintertime are always a bit edgy!  I especially think back to all the Christmas drives up to Minnesota.  Without fail, we’d hit bad weather on the way up, while we were there, or on the way home…or sometimes all 3!  Steve had plane delays last week when he went to NYC to see some shows… I elected to stay here and enjoy the solitude!  But will fly up to my folks Feb 4-12 and hope for decent weather. Then we leave for Honolulu on Feb.19 ~ home on March 22.

I would like to keep this site….a permanent record of our group, and still a good way to share news.  I think if Barb will use this site when we are not meeting regularly any longer…  And Kate and Carol Fay will have to get back in the habit!  I haven’t been real good at it lately either…  so I will try to post more often!!  I love to read your latest Maureen, and Susan!

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sick dog

Jack is at the vet today. After I got home he started vomiting and didn’t stop. The tough part of having a pet.$$$ and worries.

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Saturday, January 12, 2019

S’now laughing matter

Bill asked where were his boots.
I told him we donated them when we downsized his shoe collection.
He was not happy and asked how was he supposed to go out when it’s snowing.
I told him he doesn’t need to go out when it’s snowing.
He said that he couldn’t stay in the house forever.
We have had about six inches and it is still snowing.  Is it spring yet?

Today I reduced my belt collection. Saved about 1/3. Haven’t worn a belt in years but maybe I will start.

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Thursday, January 03, 2019

2019 is Here!

What changes in Calvin since we saw him 3 weeks ago! He has a walker and is moving around like a pro! We actually had to child proof! ...move things on the end tables - and put toys there to encourage him to go from one place to another. In the stander, he moved himself backwards from our front hall all the way across the living room.  Once wasn’t good enough for me…I had him do it 3 times! He even looked over his shoulder to see me so I know he is intentionally moving.  Now, if we can only get him to go forward…(always another goal!)
We are doing another exchange Thursday the 10th. If anyone want to come over on Friday let me know.. he usually eats at 7 and 11 with a snack around 2 and naps whenever he takes them! Getting him in the walker is a 2 person job.
We will be taking him all the way back on Sunday and spending the night so we can so the electrical walk through for the house.
Time is flying!...we have scheduled our Calvin time for February and March…Rachel has an appointment for her last haircut before the baby is born…all going so fast!

Susan…saw John at church…he remarked that this may be the last time he saw me.  Oh wow! Gave us both something to think about…people we meet, history, times past…here come the tears…

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 24th.

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