Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Busy Days

Now that Spring is here days are busy with all sorts of activities.
Friday we drove to Wheeling, West VA for the night and then on Saturday drove the last hour to Pittsburgh where we met Calvin and his parents. Calvin cheered his parents on at the start - 7 a.m. and saw them again at the 3 mile mark before falling asleep. We went back to the hotel for breakfast, play time, and another nap before seeing them at mile 25 to give them the last cheer to get them to the end.
This was Rachel’s “come back” marathon - her first since having Calvin 10 months ago! Zach ran with Rachel and their time was 4 hours 31 minutes…only 35 minutes longer than her personal best time.
After the race - checked out, drove to Cincinnati where we spent the night in Mason - drove around the area. Sunday…did a 3 mile walk in out “not new neighborhood”, saw our “almost but not new house”...drove home, did a 25 mile bike ride and enjoyed dinner in the gazebo.
And now…to cut the grass, miscellaneous yard work and laundry.

Susan…the signs I made…the starting line one was rather long…to the tune of Down by the Bay…Down in the Street, where the runners all will meet, back to your room you dare not go, for if you do, your mother will say:  Go out and have fun in the miles you run.
The second sign had a smiling Calvin picture: See my face?...Enjoy the race
The third had a very concerned looking Calvin picture: Are you doing okay?
and the finish line sign said: May I have your banana?

I laminated them so they will probably be used in other races…

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