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What changes in Calvin since we saw him 3 weeks ago! He has a walker and is moving around like a pro! We actually had to child proof! ...move things on the end tables - and put toys there to encourage him to go from one place to another. In the stander, he moved himself backwards from our front hall all the way across the living room.  Once wasn’t good enough for me…I had him do it 3 times! He even looked over his shoulder to see me so I know he is intentionally moving.  Now, if we can only get him to go forward…(always another goal!)
We are doing another exchange Thursday the 10th. If anyone want to come over on Friday let me know.. he usually eats at 7 and 11 with a snack around 2 and naps whenever he takes them! Getting him in the walker is a 2 person job.
We will be taking him all the way back on Sunday and spending the night so we can so the electrical walk through for the house.
Time is flying!...we have scheduled our Calvin time for February and March…Rachel has an appointment for her last haircut before the baby is born…all going so fast!

Susan…saw John at church…he remarked that this may be the last time he saw me.  Oh wow! Gave us both something to think about…people we meet, history, times past…here come the tears…

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 24th.

Posted by Maureen on 01/03 at 07:38 AM

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Barb stopped by for a walk this sunny day. Her new grandbaby is due any time now. She is joining the watch tomorrow.

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Wow - the two new babies are nearly ready to join in the fun!  Maureen, I forget when Rachel is due tho‚Ķ. was it April?  I have another friend expecting a granddaughter on St. Patrick’s Day and I can’t keep everyone straight!

Glad you mentioned the 24th as I had forgotten all about that specific date.  Too much going on in December with the NYC trip, then Christmas goings on for almost 2 weeks.

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Rachel is due the first week of April…coming all too soon!

Carol…are you going to your parents?

I went ahead and stripped the wallpaper in the front hall. With everything I do, every picture I take down, the house becomes less mine. The wallpaper was really easy to strip…washing the wall took more time. The dining room paper is staying!

Enjoyed the spring weather we had - and hoping for more - or at least a mild winter!

So happy for Barb…a healthy baby…and a girl after all her boys!

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April is just a few snowflakes away!  If you said it, I cannot remember….are they finding out the sex?

And yes, so happy for Barb - a granddaughter!  It will be hard to resist the urge to buy all of the girl clothes now and as she grows up! I am no good at resisting, even to this day!

Entryway will look nice with painted area…

I guess Kate is soon back in town?

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