Thursday May 4 Day 10 in the hospital
Finally this evening Bill graduated to “eating” clear liquids. If he tolerates this ok the NG tube will be removed. He is still connected to tubes and wires and has a bed alarm. He sat up on the bedside commode and performed. This was every bit as exciting as the first time each of my kids performed and I would cheer. Big Bird would be so proud. Bill is still very weak and sleepy. He needs help to turn over or get up from the bed. It looks like the worst of it may be over and he should be going to rehab in a few days,

Posted by Susan on 05/04 at 09:19 PM

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What a journey….glad Bill is seeing some positive recovery.  A lot more ahead it sounds like!  Keep us posted, and take good care of yourself Susan!

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Friday Day 11 Bill sat in a chair for half an hour and ate a little pudding. NG tube and drain from side have been taken out. He had edema in one arm but it resolved on its own. Tentative plan is to go to Robin Run for rehab on Monday or Tuesday.  He will not have the stone removed from duct for another six weeks. The doctor is saying that will be out-patient surgery but we may have a discussion about that. Jack is staying with Kara and that is a relief to have one less thing to deal with. I am trying to get rest but sleep is not on my skill list.

May 6 hospital Day 12 Bill sat up in a chair three times, walked with walker to the door of the room, ate about ten bites of food, and watched the Kentucky Derby. In all he is much perkier. He has only one tube connected…the feeding tube. I took the morning off and went bargain hunting with Kara and Kat. And in the afternoon I went home and took a nap and spent half an hour weeding. In general things are looking better.

Sunday May 7 Day 13
Bill is finally on a regular diet but still attached to a nutrition drip in his PICC line. Unfortunately he has very little appetite. The dietary department would send up trays and Bill would take a few slow bites and then refuse any more. I asked them for a milkshake and they said it is not on his diabetic diet. The nurse and I finally figured out that he could have ice cream and ensure mixed together and voila a shake. I went to the store and brought back some cashews and Hagen Das ice cream of which he ate a little. He needs help to stand up but the nurse got him up to walk with a walker about 50 steps in the hall on three different occasions. Will be finally heading to rehab in the next few days.


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Monday May 8 Bill moved to Robin Bun for rehab today. He is still quite incapacitated and very weak. He has no appetite. He really is not up for visitors.

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Robin Run

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I am thinking about you Susan…and praying for Bill’s recovery to go smoothly!

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Wednesday Rehab Day 3
Bill continues to have no appetite and often refuses to eat. I continue to advocate and he benefits. Medications needing adjustment and I hope that helps. I am not sleeping well (not a new thing for me) and today came home and took an afternoon nap. I spend several hours with him each day and mostly relax and read and harass Bill to eat or drink. The facility is 12 to 15 minutes away so I go back and forth.

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Friday rehab Day 5
Bill walked 120 feet today *the PR measured it The day before he got 68. The rest of the day he mostly slept. Still no appetite however he did eat some ice cream. Progress is going to be slow. I am getting discouraged thinking about the possible futures.

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Sunday Mother’s Day
Yesterday one of therapists asked what time I would be there the next day because Bill was refusing to do therapy. Kara told her 9:00a. So today I got there at 9:00 and the pt didn’t come and get him.  Finally at 11:45 I went down to find her. Bill got pain med for his back and been cleaned up and dressed and he ate a very few bites of breakfast. He walked a bit but then his back was seizing and he quit. Kara (and Kat, her foster college girl ) brought me brunch at RR which we ate while Bill had therapy. Kara stayed for the afternoon so I could go home for a while and garden.
I have so many concerns that I finally figured out that I need to send myself an email reminder of things to bring or do or discuss with nurse/doctor. These concerns include supplies and serious medical questions.

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