Can’t Wait for Saturday

Elliott and I are going to Fort Branch Saturday to see Asher, Lilly and Parents. Elliott also wants to see a couple Otter Baseball games in Evansville. Bobby is the hitting Coach. We will be back Monday and don’t really have plans for the 4th. Do all of you have plans? My Manager, at Nora, is retiring July 3rd. We don’t know who will take over. Summer Reading is half over which is hard to believe. Elliott and I hope to go see Audrey and Parents in July. We will also see a Cardinals game. Other plans for summer is hopefully going to the Pierogi Festival in Whiting In. Go to the State Fair on a Two for Tuesday and go back to Forth Branch for Asher and Lilly’s Birthday. What are your summer plans?

Posted by CarolFay on 06/26 at 06:28 PM

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Sounds like you will be having lots of grandma time. So fun.
Kara and Shana will be here the week after the 4th to “help” me declutter. I am dreading it. I think they want to throw everything out.
In the meantime I have been making progress in the yard but there is still lots to do, The black raspberries are continuing to produce due to all the rain. Anyone want to pick come on down wearing long sleeves.

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Taking it all in it sounds like Carol!  Good for you, enjoy all of the travel to see kids and grandkids and baseball etc!! 

Susan…it will be a test for sure….your daughters have good intentions, and the trick will be to see things through their eyes and hope that they can see through yours as well…

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I wish I could say I have nothing planned! Dave left Sunday and Rachel and Calvin came around noon on Monday and left Wednesday morning.  Calvin is great for losing weight…too busy to snack! I don’t mind him getting up at 6:30 but I do wish once he fell asleep at 9 he would stay asleep instead of fussing in his sleep just enough to cause him to start to wake up…
We did get to spend a few hours at the zoo…he slept for some but did wake up to see the tiger pacing in front of his stroller and he got this eye therapy in tracking the fish…
A few days at home and then a trip to Cincy over the weekend at some point…and then we get Calvin for a week…

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