CC on Thursday…I may be late

I will probably be a little late to Kate/Amy’s on Thursday.  Ella’s show choir has a preview concert at 7 pm at Fishers HS, and I plan to go see her.  They are hosting a show choir competition at the school on Saturday.

So I hope I don’t miss too much news if I am late!  I will get there asap!

Posted by Carol on 01/23 at 03:00 PM

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So good to see all of you last night. I will miss our tribe so much. See you all on the 14th. Our hearts are being held for Calvin’s complete recovery. So much in such a little life.
Thanks Kate for arranging and providing in Amy’s space.






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Agree… happy for these times to be together, and hope that we will keep in touch here after scattering to the four winds!

Yes, thank you to Amy for good cheesecake and cozy surroundings!  Glad you are back for several months Kate!

Going out to Fishers HS this afternoon to see Ella’s show choir competition!  Back in the swing of that whole world!

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Good luck to Ella. She is fortunate to have such a wonderful grandmother.

Jack seems better. The antibiotic may have done the trick. I really thought he was a downer.

We got the estimate from the handyman and it was way high so Kara will be doing the painting and I am probably just not planning on changing the popcorn ceilings. I just won’t look up.

Waiting to hear from Maureen. Being in the hospital is so scary.

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