Does someone esle want to take my CC turn?

I’m sorry to keep changing the week but this week, between Pacer Thursday Playoff game and my father-in-law being on a respirator, in the ICU, at St. Vincents, I just can’t have CC, I’m really sorry my life is so busy and complicated right now. On top of that we are geering up for SRP and the other Children’s librarian ( the part time girl who helps with story times, programs, etc) is still on Leave. I am covering my storytimes and hers. Now I am delivering SRP flyers and maybe doing a SRP program with the manager’‘s help when she can. I did enjoy Rachel’s Dental school graduation, Dental school Reception and tour, and the dinner Rachel’s parents hosted. My sister and her Hubby also came. It was a happy-sad weekend. Besides the graduation festivities we spent a lot of time in the hospital with my in-laws. It was nice to Have Bobby and Matt here for the weekend.

Posted by CarolFay on 05/16 at 01:43 AM

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It sounds like if someone else took your turn that you still wouldn’t be able to come.  We haven’t seen you for quite a while and would like to!  Would next week be better for you to host it? I guess it wouldn’t have to be on a Thursday.  What is everyone’s schedule for next week?

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Wednesday isn’t good for me, but the rest of the week looks open.

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We fly back to Indianapolis Thursday night.  All of next would be ok to meet - and if there is one night better than another for CarolFay, then let’s try for that night.  Wednesday isn’t as good for me either.  But Mon or Tues is fine!

I have been having a great visit here with my folks and family, Steve has been with his dad up in the cities.  We will meet up at the airport tomorrow.

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How is your father-in-law doing? This must be a terrible challenge for Elliot with all the excitement at the Pacers going on. He must really be torn as to what to do.

John arrives late Saturday night for a two eek visit and we will go to the Pacer’s game on Sunday afternoon. His plans are somewhat uncertain as he is not sure if he will work the second week he is in Indy. Next weekend he will attend the wedding of his former college roommate which is largely why he is here now. I am not available Monday evening but might be on the other nights. My plans will revolve around John and we will plan out things on Sunday night.
Our trip to Colorado was totally without angst or drama. We just had a lovely relaxing time.

We went to a beautiful car museum in Gateway Colorado. Everything was displayed so impressivelly especially the car that was purchased at an auction for over 3 million dollars. I am not “into” cars but this surely should be on the bucket list of any car/history buff. The beautiful resort/spa on the same property has rooms that run $400 a night. Gateway is out in the middle of nowhere in Southwest Colrado near the Utah border. The red rock canyons in the area are spectacular.

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Glad your trip was relaxing Susan.  So many places to go see!  I think we are going to plan a trip to Napa Valley in October.  Rachel is going in June so we will let her scoop it out.

So it sounds as if Tuesday or Thursday are good days… lets hope they work in Carol Fays schedule and her life has calmed down a little.

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yes Susan, a fine trip west - always nice to return home satisfied!

We got back about 11 pm Thursday night, and I spent most of yesterday outside in the gardens and landscape.  It appears that we need rain with the coming week of 90’s - get our the hose otherwise.

I had a fine trip too.  I bought a used 10 speed bike to keep at my folks and on Wed night my sister and I took a lovely ride on the New Ulm bike trails along the Minnesota River.

Heading over to Cincinnati this afternoon for Gloria’s mom’s (she is totally still with it!)100th bday party at the Kenwood Country Club.  Amazing age. It almost seems like I will be attending Bilbo Baggin’s eleventy-first birthday in the shire smile

Should we try for another coffee night at B & N?

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Or I could get motivated and make homemade ice cream and we could meet here for brownies and ice cream…  Or go to some ice cream store.

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Ice cream store sounds intriguing but on Tuesday it might rain. Is the ice cream store in Nora good? Do they have tables where we can sit? Or can someone come up with other place to smooze about? Kara and I hit the gsales in Zvlle today. We had fun and Kara especially found some great stuff. She got five boxes of subway tiles which match the backsplash in her kitchen and she now has enough to do the small wall behind her stove at a big savings.

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Ladies, (especially S and M) thanks for being understanding and caring. It is a very tough time, especially since it’s our first parent who has several things wrong and they are crucial organs like the kidneys, lungs and heart. Jackie, Elsie and Elliott are going through a very rough time and I’m also feeling the stress, running to the hospital. I actually had to give my Pacer tickets to Bobby since physically my body was a mess from all I did and stressed over this last weekend. I just can’t work and go to an 8:00 Pacer game and unfortunately I’m not up to having CC right now. Thanks soo much Maureen.

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CF stress does terrible things to deplete our energy. Do what you need to conserve.

John took me to the Pacer game on Sunday. Just before that we went to the Guanjuanto carnerceria near Lafayette Square(In the strip mall where Value City and Galyans had been). The restaurant(it is a grocery store too) was awesome: very noisy/lively atmosphere; the best Mexican food I have ever had (which admittedly is limited since I have never been to Mexico or even to the southwest);  reasonable prices and a couple hundred Hispanics. It had a write up in the Star a few weeks ago and we decided to give it a try. John had a shrimp ceviche that was so yummy and I had strip steak tacos. We plan to go back to try a lucious looking seafood platter that at $20 would easily feed a family of four.

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Looking forward to catching up with everyone!

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