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CC is back up after a “what the heck is going on” at the hosting site.  Steve put in a help ticket and after some back and forth communications, we are up and running again.

I hope everyone got the message from Raquel that she is having CC at her house Wednesday night.  I am putting out the call for moving boxes - if anyone has some, please let me know.  Matthew and Davie are moving to Cleveland in the next week - Davie interviewed and got a job there, so away they go as it is a good job with alot of potential.  We will be sad to see them move, but it isn’t all that far away.

See you tomorrow night!

Posted by Carol on 02/03 at 02:38 AM

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Not that far - compared to Minnesota - just 5 hours but the drive is boring for us after so many trips over the years.

I plan to come but not stay late at all.  If I had a few more days before surgery I may have even cleaned our basement but the rest of the house is cleaner than it has ever been - dusted the backs of dressers, washed all the woodwork, spots on walls, wood floors, cleaned out old books (anyone want German or Russian books?).  There is one cobweb in the stairwell that I can’t reach - I’ll need to come up with some combination of tools to reach it.

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  02/03  at  07:06 PM

I plan to come but I also won’t stay long. I am still getting over my congestion and slight cough. I took two days off from work but I really am much better. Maureen I promise I’ll stay away from you!

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  02/04  at  01:22 AM

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