Hello May

Our week with Calvin went by quickly! I exchanged him on Monday for a bottle of wine from the winery Rachel and Zach stayed at in Virginia…here it is Wednesday and I haven’t opened it yet! Dave left Monday for a town outside of New Orleans on business and won’t be back until Friday morning.
In the meantime I have started packing boxes…Christmas decorations, books, games…trying to figure out how to organize the miscellaneous items that don’t take up a whole box. We still have a month before pack and load day - and Memorial Day weekend with all my siblings…so I can’t pack linens and towels…well, I could…
I did go to see a therapist yesterday. I would probably go back to her if we were staying.  I think the helpful part of the session was suggestions on how to talk with Rachel about George, how to approach the subject of how she is feeling about Memorial Day when all the family will be here for the first time etc.I’ll have Dave bring up the subject of Mother’s Day with Zach…
Rachel has asked if Calvin can have another overnight with us next week…May 9th, 10th, 11th…we’d return him on the 12th.
I’ve arranged the final walk through of the house for Monday the 13th…get to pick out all the nicks etc for them to fix before closing…
Then we will actually be home for 8 days alone…before family starts to arrive…and then May is gone…
Where have the lazy do nothing days gone?

Posted by Maureen on 05/01 at 05:23 AM

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