Hip hip hooray

Took Steve to his 2 week followup this morning - all looked good - got the 30+ staples removed, xrayed the hip (wow, that is quite a contraption they nailed in there haha!)  and consulted with Dr. Hupfer.  It’s been a hard 2 weeks, lots of pain and discomfort, totally helpless….needing help for everything!  Will be using the walker for at least 2 more weeks, then a cane for 2-4 more. Thankful that Matthew was here for 12 days after surgery…he flew back to Florida yesterday.

No plans for the 4th, may have the Fishers fam here for supper…

Posted by Carol on 07/03 at 04:31 PM

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Progress is sooo slow and then one day it is all a dim memory. Hope the dim memory is sooner than later. You will miss Matthew but I bet that some sense of returning to normal in the household will be welcome too. Is Steve able to get up and about on his own? Bill had to be retrained to take care of himself, e.g., getting a glass of water instead of asking me to get it.
Shana and Kara will be here Monday. My plans for this week are to get things in semi order. Raspberries are nearly gone…just a handful to pick each day. For the past two weeks every morning meant an hour picking.  My morning routine has switched to drowning Japanese beetles.

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Recovery does take a long time! I remember my rotater cuff surgery…distant memory but enough of a memory left to know I never want to have surgery like that again. Caring for Steve…have you lost weight?
Latest on house hunting…I am so ready for it to be over and ready to move!  We are going to look at a model home and available lots in Blue Ash near Summit Park.
To show how ready i am to move…this community is one of those that cut my grass and has an arms length between houses…still 2200 sq feet plus a finished basement. 2 bedrooms main level, another bedroom and bath in basement…so I am still cleaning 3 bathrooms…
We may not need the grass cutting and snow removal now but looking down the road it will be nice.
Looking forward to some cooler temps…

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Barb just emailed me…everyone had a very nice time at Conner Prairie last night…it did cool off, the food was good.  Sounds as if she will be busy for the next week with family activities.

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Oh my! Is this a race between Maureen and Kate? Glad to hear Barb’s festivities went well.

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  07/04  at  02:23 PM

Goodness yes, sounds like you are ready to call the movers Maureen…. I do believe you will beat Kate in this thing! 

Will be anxious to hear the report after you see the model, and maybe meet with the builder.  Wonder if they do custom homes as well? 

Hot, hot, hot….am so behind on my outdoor work, plus getting impatient for the new deck, landscaping, sidewalks, front entry etc I need to make a call and see where we are on the schedule!

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