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First, it definitely is good and bad to be able to say goodbye and plan. Matt is working on Papa Al’s Obituary and we are mulling around people to carry the casket (PB). That is good. The tough part is Al is so aware yet confused that it’s tearing us up and causing lots of tears. Elsie wishes he would die in his sleep or of a heat attack. He has said he knows this is the end and expresses his love to all of us. Then the next thing he says is he is in the army or working at the style store. The Hospice Dr. Gave false hope, saying he is better, and should start therapy. It confused Elsie and Al. Al was trying to get out of the bed, yesterday, saying “I want to go home!” The nurses told him he is too weak. I came to work, today, to relax from three days at Hospice and with Family! I might stop in, after Zumba, tonight, or just get an update from Elliott.Bobby, especially, has been very devoted. He is starting his job, in Terre Haute but has come back, the last two nights, to sleep in the room with his grandpa. More update later.

Posted by CarolFay on 05/29 at 11:38 PM

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It is such a difficult challenge for everyone trying to remain strong for each other. I understand when you say it is good and bad at the same time. Seeing your father-in-law confused must really hurt. Your family is in my thoughts.

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As the Bible says… you never know the hour - even now.  You never know what twists and turns there will be in what we think are last days!We can all wish for something different but whatever these last times are… they are what they are.  It is a very emotionally and physically exhausting time and even when the end comes - in a way it will still catch you off guard.
My Dad was alert until the last 12 hours and then he went into a deep sleep…At 85 he still was thinking of living so those last days he had to do some quick adjusting and accepting.  But he used them to thank people, to ask forgiveness, and to express his love. I told him not to think of it as dying - just taking another trip or adventure which he loved doing.  I think that helped… just dare anyone to tell me that on my deathbed though!
You and your family continue to be in my prayers.

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It’s hard to say if we are ever totally “ready” for a loved one’s death, or for our own for that matter.  Even when there has been suffering, pain or no hope - the moment can bring us up short.  In the case of Liz, it was very sudden and none of us was really “ready”.  But also, it was clear that her daily life was going to be drastically different.  I am thankful that she lived at home right up to 5 days in the hospital, and then the one day in the skilled nursing area of their residence.  She wanted to be at home more than anything, and she got her wish.  Then passed away in her sleep. 

Thinking so much of you and your family CarolFay - it is good that you are all close by right now.

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