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Today I mailed the two Minnesota boxes - I saw on my receipt that the two rather large boxes I was carrying weighed a total of 26 pounds.  Thankfully I could use the automated station almost right away.  Then I came home and worked on the Christmas letter - for the past 3 years I have made a photo collage that tells the story of our year.  I finished that tonight, so tomorrow I can do the cards and get them in the mail! Yea!  I usually send about 35, only to out of town friends and relatives.  Have made 3 batches of fudge (one went to MN), and 2 batches of snack mix (each one is 3 boxes of cereal, a can of peanuts and half a bag of pretzels with the butter and spices etc) and next up will be cut-out sugar cookies. 

I have to say, it is great with Steve gone - I can work right through meal times if I want, and leave my project messes laying out - just have my own schedule.  He emailed me from London, is very busy with the class during the day, and then doing a project for Hans in the evening.  Jarda, a Lilly employee from Czech Republic, is also taking the course, and will be involved with the business too.  They will go to Brussels on Friday night till Sunday to meet with Hans and the rest of the team, then Steve goes back to London Sunday night and home to Indy on Monday.  Sort of funny - Hans is here at Lilly this week, and he will fly home to Belgium on Friday too.

Posted by Carol on 12/16 at 08:51 AM

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We have cut down on the number of cookies we made this year to 6 kinds - and they are in the freezer.  I may wait until people think they can start dieting after all the season’s eating to mail them!

I went to start the van to go to the post office and the Y - and the starter is broken.  We will need to arrange for the tow truck - but not Thursday since I am sure they will be busy with the snow!  Dave mailed the packages to Kevin.  He didn’t realize that there were 2 automated stations inside the post office or that you put the packages in the bin behind the counter.  Luckily - the regular line was shorter than the automated line.  It amazes me - things I know that he doesn’t because I do them.

I’ll shovel the walk to get my exercise - Dave already did the drive.

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Carol—the kids are coming tonight-hopefully in time for dinner, then leaving tomorrow after lunch to go to her parents—one night there, then back to Iowa on Saturday to be at church on Sunday!  It is always a short visit, but I’m thankful they are coming.

What is all this shoveling about?  We are still just driving over it. 

I’m also glad about the boots.

And to avoid the post office, I print the postage from my computer and leave the package for the mailman to take!

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I’ll have to look into printing postage - I thought there was an extra charge for home pickup.

I am only shoveling for the exercise!  I am determined not to gain weight this season - in fact I want to lose 2 pounds!

The tow truck is coming for the van this afternoon.
Sue- any idea when surgery is?  How involved is recovery?

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Surgery not scheduled yet. Out patient as is most these days. Apparently I will wear a splint for six weeks. It will cut into my aqua exercise for sure.

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I visited my Father-in-law twice on Friday, at the rehab. Once with Elliott and then when Bobby came homoe we went back and had dinner with Papa Al. Then Bobby and I went to the North Central basketball game, Last night I saw the movie the Tourist and really enjoyed it! I’m getting ready for Tai Chi class.

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