I am blown away!! You won’t believe this!

The hospice Dr. says Al is improving and might need to leave Hospice. The Dr. is evaluating him today. The nurses say he is getting weaker and more congested. Then the Dr. says he is better. Surprisingly Al had the best day, yesterday, and seemed more aware and determined to get out of hospice.. It’s great but I don’t understand why the Dr. was so sure he wouldn’t last off the respirator and said he would need a perminite trach and dialysis. Now we don’t know, until the hospice Dr. evaluates him what he will recommend. Elliott said maybe a nursing home, which they don’t want (Medicare doesn’t cover, only Hospice and home care).. I will keep you posted.

Posted by CarolFay on 05/31 at 12:32 AM

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This is the type of thing I was referring to when I said who knew what twists and turns there will be…
Medicare may pay for x number of days in the nursing home under certain medical conditions.  If he stayed longer then it would be private pay until his funds reach x amount and then it would be medicaid.  You need to be an expert to navigate all of it!

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The situation is enough to make your head spin. We went through a brief time with my mother where we were trying to decide hospice or nursing care where you get therapy. It is a terrible pressure to make the best decision. However unless the regulations have changed Medicare covers some nursing home care if the patient has been in the hospital for three days. The continued coverage is dependent on making progress in the therapy goals. I am not sure as to how long before they make that evaluation.

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Thanks for letting us know CarolFay.  How is Elsie doing?

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