How to brighten up a gray day in January? I suppose if the sun was shining it would help. Maybe start planning a vacation? In the meantime I watch a video I took of Calvin where he just breaks into a smile! We have been fortunate with the weather cooperating with our travel to Cincy…we left last Friday at 6 a.m. -no big deal for Dave who gets up at 4:30 anyway. Luckily the roads were clear and at that hour the traffic was very light so Dave didn’t need my “help” driving.
It is hard to get motivated to leave the house - and I can use my face as an excuse…I look as if I have the chicken pox after 2 weeks of using the chemo cream. Now we shall see how long it takes to clear up. Hopefully though it will have taken care of some precancerous spots and skin damage!
Hope everyone is recuperating from colds - and thank you for staying away from me! Looking forward to our gathering at the tea room.


Posted by Maureen on 01/09 at 09:14 AM

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One of my swim friends had the chemo cream and it only took a few weeks to heal. Certainly better than waiting for a cancer to be removed. I fix up Bill’s hole in his scalp daily. It is slowly growing closed…was size of a quarter and now is about 1 cm around.
I have been lucky with my health this past year. No colds at all. Please remember to go to doctor immediately if you have flu signs. Tamiflu is effective if treated in the first 48 hours. I leave for Florida Sunday and Bill’s sisters will be here to keep him safe. I so need this break to recover from burnout.

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Looking forward to catching up on all the news when we meet on January 25…I miss our regular CC Thursday nights….

Maureen, hoping for good results for skin cream…and wonderful to have video clips of Calvin when you are away from him!

Susan, I am really happy for you!  Your warm vacation will be well deserved!!!

I am flying up to Minnesota tomorrow…Steve is already there, dealing with estate stuff.  We have an event to attend at the History Center in Saint Paul tomorrow night.  Steve flies back here on Friday, and I will drive down to New Ulm for a week’s visit to my folks.

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Well it is windy and cloudy here and the high is ONLY 70, Fortunately the pool is heated. Having a lovely time and after I took my swim I jumped right in the hot tub to get warm. Our bridge playing is not great but we are placing in the middle of the group on scores. It is duplicate so the same hand is passed from table to table and then scores are compared to see who did best. The food is wonderful.

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You are on a well-deserved winter getaway Susan…. I hope you soaked up every bit of sun and relaxation that you could!!!

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