July already….

Happy July to you all…  hope everyone is staying cool and enjoying summertime!

Steve is progressing, can get up out of his chair nearly on his own now…but still so many things he cannot do for himself.  I am pretty much housebound for the time being…it was so great to have Matthew here for the first 2 weeks.  Only about 5 more weeks to go till Steve’s hip should be fully functional again!

Susan, how are things going with your daughters assisting with the project??  Some things are easy to be rid of, and other things not so much….

What did you find out about the housing situation in Maureen?  If you build, do you have to choose from an existing floor plan?

Kate…any new possibilities in Phoenix?

Looking forward to seeing everyone in another week!

Posted by Carol on 07/11 at 03:06 PM

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I can fully empathize with the being so totally responsible for another human person. At least with our children we had babysitters or swapping with friends. Fortunately you can see the light at the end.

The girls totally emptied out my kitchen and dining room. Cabinets are pared back to essentials. Gone are the bundt pans and angel food pans. Expired can goods were found and discarded. We made three trips to goodwill with full loads. I have vinyl records and boxes of books ready to go for resale.the girls bought a bagster for stuff from the shed and we put out table and chairs which were gone in an hour after listing on nextdoor for free. Kara will be back in August and take some stuff. Then in November she plans to haul some dining room furniture that she wants and the three of us down to SC. At that time she wants me to look at senior dwellings and in December return to make a final decision. She is afraid that one of us will become incapacitated and she will not be able to be here to advocate. I know where she is coming from because I tried to get my folks to commit to a senior swelling. I am feeling pressured to move faster than I want to.

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uh dwelling not swelling
Took a box to shred at Staples. $1 a pound. Girls all gone. I am pooped. Couldn’t sleep last night. Still much to sort and discard one way or the other. We will take a tour of my cabinets next Thursday when you come for CC.

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I understand what Kara is saying…  But moving is never easy, and uprooting from 30+ years of living in Indy is no small decision. 

Hoping that whatever you chose to do, things will go as smoothly as they can!

Hard to believe that you, Kate and Maureen may all relocate at about the same time…

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