Northward Bound

A grand day here… for August to be so temperate and green is very special!

I am packing it in tonight, readying for a quick trip to Minnesota.  Flying up this time….  Will be in the cities tomorrow night until Saturday…. on Friday we need to meet with financial advisor re: Marshall’s estate and then do a few more estate related things.  Matthew and Davie fly up from Florida on Thursday night….we will probably visit the Minnesota History Center, and maybe some other memory spots…..  Saturday we drive up north to a hotel about 30 minutes from my brother’s.  That evening he and Robyn are hosting a wedding reception party at their place(married last February at their place in Costa Rica) for about 100 folks. Should be fun!  Taylor and Kelly will be driving up for that - Delaney and Ella staying in Fishers, as Ella’s school has started.  Then on Sunday we will have our Cherrington family reunion there as well!  Big times….  Always lots of driving and planning with these trips….but ultimately lots of fun!

See you all at Susan’s on Wednesday the 16th!

Posted by Carol on 08/08 at 06:42 PM

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Sounds like a good time. Bill’s sister and husband were here on Sunday. We did Mexican carryouts and Margaritas. A good relaxing time. Bill is improving   in small steps. He does his exercises every evening. He will be ready to participate in the senior Olympics… when he is 90.

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My niece, Marie, was in Cincinnati for a few days so we drove down for the day on Saturday. I had prepped a picnic lunch before we left so it was “just” a matter of getting everyone ready to go…time it after Calvin ate but before he needed to eat again…
Dave and pushed the stroller at a rather brisk pace while the others jogged up ahead.
We couldn’t have asked for a lovelier day/time!
I need to look at Calvin’s pictures from weeks ago to remind myself how far he has come!
I had also baked dinner so Dave and I dug into that before we headed home.

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