Out with the old hip ~ in with the new!

Got Steve home yesterday - released from OrthoIndy at the very same time as the huge deluge of rain!  Not a fun ride home, with rush hour to boot.  Anyway, we have survived the first over-night and half of today!  I am as if a full-time nurse…

OrthoIndy is a very luxe hospital….large private room, private nurse, full menu for room service dining….all the bells and whistles!  I’d be in no hurry to go home!  But Dr. Hupfer doesn’t believe in staying longer than absolutely necessary.  Which in Steve’s case was about 36 hours!

Matthew comes in tonight, I will be very thankful for the help.  Steve can’t be left alone for at least 2 weeks, and I am not staying home that long - haha!

See you all tomorrow night at Kate’s!

Posted by Carol on 06/20 at 02:26 PM

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I am sure having Matthew there will be wonderful. The freedom of going to the store, taking a nap or attending CC will be well earned. When John was here I finally got a dental appointment in and a tooth pulled. It was luxurious! I hope that Steve is a “good” patient. Cell phones are so great for the patient to get attention when needed without requiring the nurse to hover about.

I have been working in the yard for hours each day. Picking raspberries (major crop now available: all welcome to pick) and digging out weeds and trees.

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