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For some reason I can’t log into conversation club chatter to respond…get a 403 forbidden message…

Yes, May always is busy! It sounds as if you will be busy Carol Faye.
Safe travels Carol.

The dermatologist just called to add one more thing to the list… I had a spot removed from my abdomen that turns out to be the best kind of melanoma you can have…just like my leg…but it requires a 1 centimeter excision.  That appointment is downtown on Monday. Dave leaves for a 2 night business trip to Alaska on Tues. Then my family starts coming Thursday.
The walk through at our Cincy house went well. They are working on the finishing touches…grab bars, some kitchen drawers…no reason why they won’t be finished by June 3rd.
The sale of this house is progressing. They really didn’t ask for much from the inspection…chimney cleaned…we said no…we had it cleaned 20 years ago and have never used it…
Our kitchen to garage door has a window in it which is against fire code…they asked for a $200 cashiers check at closing…
They also wanted us to have all our windows re caulked…it wasn’t marked as defective on the report though…just routine maintenance. 
We offered them $500 rolled into closing rather than a check and are waiting to hear back.

Susan…I hate all the unknowns when you move into a new house…one wants it to be perfect and to have left all the maintenance behind. We still will need to do all that…gutter cleaning, etc…let’s just hope with a new home we won’t have leaks, broken this and that!
Hoping for a nice few weeks of great weather!


Posted by Maureen on 05/14 at 02:14 PM

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