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Wednesday Bill had a bout of what appears to be food poisoning. He was so dehydrated I wanted to take him to the emergency room but he refused and we went to doctor on Thursday morning. He was so weak that he would fall over while sitting up. And then he fell on the bed in the middle of the night and I struggled to get him to the necessary room. fortunately we have saved the toilet seat riser. He is better but complaining about a sore back. The heating pad helps.

My speech friend from Warsaw was here for two nights in order to attend speech conference downtown. she is mostly retired but still keeping her license active. The two of us went out to supper both nights leaving poor Bill at home. He really wasn’t eating much…half a bowl of oatmeal on friday was his big pigout.

Posted by Susan on 04/22 at 08:52 PM

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Food poisoning can be very dangerous…do you have any idea what he ate that caused it?  About a year ago, I had a slight case of it - ate bagged lettuce that was a few days past “use by” date…learned a lesson!

Glad that you got out and about with your friend Susan!

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Bill had some shrimp dish from the Chinese restaurant, He became quite dehydrated and I was very worried. He now has a sore back and is struggling to stay awake. We are not sure it was food poisoning because he wasn’t violently ill. We are getting him a raised bed so he can get up more easily. I spent several hours in his room sorting through clothes. I quit at three trash bags full of clothes that are way too big on him. He has lost so much weight in the last year that his pants size has gone down three sizes.Bill has never cared about clothes or how they fit but finally I said he couldn’t wear the clown pants.

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Sorry about Bill. Hope he is feeling better. We started Going to the Elementary Schools to talk about the SRP that Starts in June.

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