Snow and tree and shopping

We got our tree yesteday at Habig’s and today Delaney and Ella came over and helped decorate it.  Really makes a difference to have them assist us!!  Then they went outside to play in the snow - sledded down the slope of our front yard, made a snowman and had a snowball fight - came inside with nice rosy cheeks.  After that Ella had a rest, and I took Delaney to the Fashion Mall as she had birthday money to spend.  She had her heart set on a North Face fleece hooded jacket.  They were out of what she wanted at the North Face store there, so we looked at Nordstrom’s and as luck would have it, they had one, in her size and in the color she had wanted.  Fun day!  Ella went home later on, but Delaney is here overnight and we will meet up with everyone at church and Sunday School tomorrow.

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I also went shopping with the crowds. Only at 50% off sales at the Goodwills at 116th and Michigan and at 151st and Meridian. Both places were packed with people but not so bad that we couldn’t get through the aisles. Kara spent P and I spent about $12.

I got brand new Target swimsuit separates for $2. This was well timed because may current suit has started to shred. The chlorine in the pool and hot tub really do a number on nylon suits. FYI: Polyester suits last longer. I got a silk Tommy Bahama shirt for Bill. My daughter found dresses, shoes and tops including a great shirt for her husband. Some of it she will sell on ebay which will more than pay for the rest of the things she bought. Her biggest find was a pair of Banana Republic shoes that she had seen on ebay and was considering bidding on it. The shoes at GW were $2 so she came out great.

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Dave and I avoided the snow and the crowds and headed to DC on the 6 AM flight Saturday morning where it was 15 degrees warmer.  We did have to sit on the plane for 45 minutes while they deiced it.  To bad they just couldn’t have boarded the people for the 7 AM flight onto our plane!

The L’Enfant Plaza hotel allowed us early check-in at 8:30.  We then did a quick walk to see the WWII Memorial and the Korean War Memorial. Park Rangers are great… one was standing by the WWII Memorial - I am sure just waiting for us!  He was able to explain all the symbolism of the memorial to us.

We then walked over to the Odyssey for our brunch cruise on the Potomac. It was very nice - good food, dancing, good views - and best of all…we just covered the tip!

Then onto the Holocaust Museum.  I have never been to a museum before where the people were so reverent, quiet, and reading every word on every display!

From there we went to church and then walked over to Union Station via the Mall.  I emptied out my wallet into zippered pockets in case we were mugged I could hand over my wallet and not lose anything!  There is a new salad place starting out on the east coast that was delicious - fast food but just offered made to order salads - romaine lettuce, fresh spinach etc.

Sunday we had time to go to the Newseum and the American Indian Museum.  The restaurant at the American Indian Museum was wonderful - the food was all based on what the Indians had to use - grains, root vegetables, bread etc. Kate - Amy’s breakfast place didn’t open until 8:30 which was too late for us.

Figured we walked about 10 miles while we were there.

We caught the 4 PM flight home… and planning another trip somewhere.

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What an incredibly full weekend and you hardly skimmed the surface of what DC has to offer. It is smart of you to take advantage of the free travel while you can. What other cities are in your to do list? I would guess most of the west coast is too far for a weekend trip unless you took a three day trip.

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If we get our cookies made and the weather cooperates we are thinking of hand delivering the cookies to my 2 uncles in Philly! The “postage” on that would be about $100.

Over Christmas we are thinking of CA.

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Nice trip, well thought out!  I remember the Holocaust Museum mostly for the area with the thousands of shoes of the victims.  Hope it works out for another jaunt!

Susan, did you know that a new Goodwill is opening over my way - at the corner of 86th and Westfield in what used to be the Accent Shop.  I think the Grand Opening is on Thursday.

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M Have you been to San Diego? we enjoyed our visit there many years ago and thought the park with the museums was conveiniently laid out. There was a pass to buy that admitted you to most of the museums.

C Yes I have seen the ads for the grand opening. I may go and register for the prizes.

I went to the retirement office today and came to the conclusion that a parttime temporary schools positon would be quite financially rewarding due to provisions to buy in yearswhich would then be multiplied for my benefits. I am going to see what I can come up with for the spring…maybe cover a maternity leave?

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Wow, everyone’s been busy! I left Raquel a msg that we would show up at her house on the 16th unless she called. We are moving to a larger office space in our building and will have to choose carpet and paint colors—AIIIIIIYY!

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I had a great weekend in Columbus, Ohio. I didn’t find a purse but I did buy some more jewelery, a gift for Elliott and one for Nancy. I need to do some more shopping, for Chanukah, Friday, before Barb and I leave for Munster (weather permitting)!

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Shopping and making decorating choices…right up our alley. Any one up for Goodwill on Thursday?

I went to the doctor and am getting ready for surgery (carpal tunnel and trigger finger). First I need to have a nerve study done. They stick a needle in my muscle to check responses. I am concerned because this is my right arm where I am supposed to avoid needle sticks and even blood pressure cuffs because of the removal of my nodes 24 years ago. I am a mess.

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S - yes we have been to San Diego at least 2 times. Looking into jobs?  Must be to cold to take your trash walks and you are looking to fill time!  Wait until spring - you won’t have time to work! No to Goodwill.  Hasn’t your surgery been a long time in coming?  Nerve studies are not pleasant - at least it wasn’t for my shoulder.

K- didn’t “we” just get through carpet and color selections for your office?  Good that you need larger space!

CarolFay - I wondered if you went to Columbus with the snow we had.

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