S’now laughing matter

Bill asked where were his boots.
I told him we donated them when we downsized his shoe collection.
He was not happy and asked how was he supposed to go out when it’s snowing.
I told him he doesn’t need to go out when it’s snowing.
He said that he couldn’t stay in the house forever.
We have had about six inches and it is still snowing.  Is it spring yet?

Today I reduced my belt collection. Saved about 1/3. Haven’t worn a belt in years but maybe I will start.

Posted by Susan on 01/12 at 03:40 PM

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Hope you made it to Florida just fine. Sounds as if we are in for another weather event this coming weekend.
I think Kate flew home this past Saturday (the 12)
We returned Calvin Sunday early afternoon after the snow had passed Cincinnati. The roads were cleared but in some spots there was icy slush on the roads and quite a few cars in the ditch. I had packed for an ER…extra food and water (especially for Calvin), blankets etc. Thankfully we arrived just fine.
Our trip home on Monday…a 2 hour drive took 5 hours due to a semi jackknifed near Shelbyville. I believe there was 1 dead. By the time we reached the accident site there was no sign of anything.
We just thank God every time we arrive safely.
Electric walk through went fine…3 1/2 hours discussing where we wanted outlets, switches and canned lights. Another hour discussing landscaping (just the first meeting) and another hour discussing where we want WiFi, cable tv hookups for a cable tv we probably won’t ever get, and a landline which we want.
Scheduled to have Calvin January 31st for 3 nights.

I want spring!

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  01/14  at  10:19 PM

Susan, those winter boots may still be needed in your new city!  My sister and BIL are leaving Florida tomorrow morning.  They had planned to stop here for 2 nights this weekend, but due to the storm forecast they are going to drive 2 hard days to get back to Minnesota in hopes of avoiding the weather.

Always risky to travel in the winter, I know it well from years of Christmas travel to MN and back!  Glad you made it ok Maureen….  Wow, so many details to take care of when building a home!!  Did you take any photos?

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  01/16  at  06:54 PM

Carol…no pictures…I kept my gloves on except when I was fumbling through paperwork. It was rather cold. Since I’ve been home I have emailed him with changes. Things that I had asked about when there but couldn’t remember why I had wanted it that way…light switch plates lowered a few inches, outlets raised in certain areas…so at the time I just went with standard. When I got home I remembered so I had them go back to what I initially wanted.
Did catch a big miss…they hadn’t given us the dropped ceiling over the kitchen cabinets. They left a gap…I’m not dusting or putting things on top of cabinets!
I’ve had pj days all week…no desire to venture out on gray days. If the sun was shining…

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  01/17  at  10:50 AM

It is always a relief when travels end safely. More so when you are responsible for a little life. Incredible how many decisions you needed to make.

Kara reports that if there is one inch of snow on the ground in SC no one goes anywhere. Everything closes so there is no place to go. The road authorities just wait a day and it all melts.

My Florida trip to visit my sister was lovely. No rain and mild temps all week. Returned early this afternoon to a temperature of 34 degrees and mostly rain. By the time we got home it was 29 and icy snow was coming down.

Bill’s sisters came for a visit and were planning to stay until Sunday. The weather changed their plans because they had appointments that were not to be missed on Monday morning. They waited in the food court while I got off the plane and we visited for ten minutes before going our separate ways.

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Susan…timing is everything. Glad you made it home safely. Too bad Bill didn’t see his sisters. Where were they headed to from here? Flying or did they drive?
Calvin was supposed to go to his other grandparents this weekend but with the weather and his grandmother has a cold…he stayed home.
His surgery to remove the duplicating collecting tube which entails removing part of his kidney is this Thursday…so extra prayers!
See everyone at Kate’s ...or is it Amy’s?
Carol…with only the 3 of us using this site…do you want to keep it going? I like it but Barb never has used it and she would be entirely out of the loop if we didn’t email. Don’t know why Carol F. and Kate got out of the habit.

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  01/20  at  11:28 AM

The sisters came here on Thursday. They fly standby and only pay taxes because one nephew is a pilot. So Bill enjoyed their visit a lot. I just missed out.

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