Sorry about last night.

I got home about 5:00 and had to drive my Car to Church brothers to get it repaired. This time the car accident was in front of the house and Elliott was driving my car. the neighbor across the street backed into us. Not a lot of damage. Today I had laser surgery. My eyes have a film over the eyes that happens after Cataract surgery. My right eye was done today. It’s not as bad as Cataract surgery. I had some discomfort so I lay on the sofa when I got home. I’m posting so ‘m better. Munster was pretty good. We spent time with Josh, my cousin Linda and a friend of Mom. We are going back in June to meet with the realtor and put the Condo up for sale. We are going to visit both Bobby and Matt this summer.

Posted by CarolFay on 05/31 at 07:47 PM

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The baby may end up being here before you are able to show us your Reveal video.  Everyone may be available around the 14th if you want to schedule the next CC.
Personally, I am betting it is a girl…

Glad the accident wasn’t serious - but there is enough trauma going on in our lives that I am sure you didn’t need another to add to the list.

We have to be thankful for everything that goes right in our lives!

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