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I can’t believe it’s 2019. We haven’t seen the kids since Thanksgiving.Facetime helps. We have tried to plan a weekend, this month, to go to St. Louis but the weather and Elliott’s work schedule has stopped us from going. Now We have to see what Jen’s Spring training schedule is since she doesn’t have a replacement yet. Exciting news. Bobby and Rachel asked me to go with them to Florida with the family. Theresa is going also. They are staying a week and my Manager said he could work it out so I can go!! It’s the end of March. The beginning of March we are going to St. Louis for Audrey’s first birthday. All three kids are sick this week. Lilly had a fever of 104. THey took her to the Emergency room last Friday. It’s an Upper respitory infection. Asher caught her cold. Then Audrey got sick over the weekend. It’s definitely winter.

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It is scary when little ones get sick. CF wonderful to travel with family to Florida.

Jack is struggling to get well. The doctor gave him some medicine and I an cooking turkey and white rice in small batches to get him to eat. Still not sure if he will get well. he doesn’t seem to be in pain…just lethargic. Since returning on Saturday I have not got a lot done. Jack wakes me at night and I am totally keeping an eye on him when he is awake. Dogs like to hide when they are sick.
Every once in awhile Barb pops up at my house to get me to go for a walk but not with this weather.

We close on the house on the 4th.

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Hope all of the littles are on the mend.  Taylor has been battling flu for over two weeks, better but not best yet. 
Sorry that Jack is still under the weather…hoping he will perk back up!  Wow…that house closing came up fast!

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