Surgery and Christmas pins

First surgery.  Taylor had emergency surgery on Sunday afternoon for a severely infected and messed up gallbladder, also a stone in his appendix.  He is home now from the hospital, pain yet but just now able to keep solid food now.  He had been having gallbladder attacks (he now knows!) for the past several years.  We are thankful!

Christmas Pins.  Tonight at Poetry Plus we are having a guest speaker who will show us her collection of Christmas pins!  Something a little different from our usual fare!  All are welcome, 7:30 pm in the library at Pilgrim Luth. Church.  (By the way, our new church is rapidly taking form at 106th and Shelborne Road, ready by next summer to move into.)

Posted by Carol on 12/07 at 01:09 AM

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You haven’t mentioned anything about your church moving… unless I missed that at CC.  I thought it was just in a holding pattern all these years!
Won’t be able to come to poetry… yoga class.  Give us more of a heads up!

As to Taylor’s gallbladder… that’s what my brother had.  After he got home from the hospital he ended up being readmitted and stayed for over a week - developed sepsis, turned yellow etc so he should pay attention to his body, take stuff seriously even now.

My appt at the chiropractor went well - he said it wasn’t my rotator cuff - which was a relief since I just went through that surgery a year ago.  He popped some knots around my shoulder blade and neck and said come back for 5 more visits.

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Poor Taylor. He certainly is young to have that problem. I hope that the offending organ removal will bring him quick relief. I had mine removed just a few months after John was born. I had a stone caught in a duct and the pain was worse than anything I have ever experienced and I was jaundiced. Back then they didn’t do laproscopic and recovery took me months.

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Oh no, sorry to hear about Taylor.  It is great you are in town and so willing and able to help out.

We are back from the General’s retirement ceremony—complete with color guard and the Air Force Brass Quintet.  General Schwarz (Chief of Staff) was the speaker.  Quite a few 4 stars in attendance, as well as civilian bigwigs.  And he didn’t forget to give the General’s wife her due.

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Sorry to hear ablout Taylor but happy he is recovering (keeping food down)! I finally know the specifics about the funeral. It’s at 1:30(tomorrow) and condolence calls are after 6:00 tomorrow night. I will come here, do my story time, go to the funeral service, come back to work and go to Pauline’s house after 6:00

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Thanks ladies, I think it is a harder recovery than we all thought it would be - I talked to him today and his pain level is still pretty high. 

Kate, what an honor to be at that ceremony - and I am happy to hear that Mrs. General was also included in the limelight!  Did you see Amy while you were in DC?

Saw the obit in the paper CarolFay.  It’s good that you are able to get to the funeral and the evening visit too.  Sad time.

Steve is at his dad’s this week, they had an appt with the lawyer on Tuesday.  Steve is trustee for his mother’s estate.  But a long time till all is settled I guess.

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Oh, Maureen - yes, I guess when things finally started to go forth with our church moving, was when the state actually paid us for the property.  Something like 7 million dollars.  So the new building will be pretty nice.

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Kate, any retirement plans for the general and his wife?

Carol, no matter how much you think you have taken care of the estate, settling it takes a long time - it took Dave a year… multiple copies of this, redo this etc etc.  It is good that Steve is there to help with it all. Does his Dad have plans for Christmas?  I wouldn’t mess around with recovery - tell Taylor to call the dr - even if he thinks he is bugging him… especially if it is a Thurs or Friday heading into the weekend. He should get rid of the pain - it slows the recovery. Don’t know how much new churches run… does the church plan to spend the whole 7 million on the building?

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I am still planning to have CC next week but I do hope to go , Friday Morning< to Munster, for an early Chanukah with my parents, cousins, sister and her family. Then the next weekend is our visit with the boys and their girlfriends.

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Carol: Taylor should contact the doctor if he is in significant pain. Not just to get stronger meds but also in case something is wrong(For example, I knew of stones still being stuck in the body and additional surgery was required). It has been a long time but I really don’t remember pain being an issue past the first several days. In fact I walked over to visit a friend who was in the same hospital(different floor, different surgery) two days after my surgery and watering her plants because she couldn’t get out of bed.

Busy day today chiropractor scared me by cracking my neck and then I went for my annual eye exam complete with dilation. The optometrist estimates four years from now I will need cataract surgery. Then tonight we are going to have dinner with Bill’s church group.

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I think Taylor’s surgery experience would have been a whole different story if his gall bladder wasn’t so badly infected, full of stones, just plain done for etc.  Added to that, the stone in his appendix - he has 3 different entry incisions and two more smaller ones.  WHen he finally went into the hospital (Community North - I am impressed with that facility and Taylor’s surgeon who looked alot like Santa Claus!)he had been suffering from this latest and worst attack for several days. Well anyway, I talked to him yesterday and his pain level was lower and he felt among the living again.  A good time to be without a job…the only good thing!

Maureen, I do think the whole amt is going towards the church building, allowing us to upgrade what we currently have.  The education wing will be pretty big for instance.

Went for my annual checkup yesterday - all is well, except I needed followup blood work because my cholesterol level was high last year. 

When Steve gets home tomorrow I will learn more about the estate and such.

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